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The build up to Christmas is arguably the best bit and wrapping presents is probably one of my favourite parts. Having carefully selected gifts for my loved ones, I love nothing more than to sit down with a hot chocolate to wrap up the goodies ready for Christmas day.

Gingerbread Snowflake Cookies

Gingerbread has to be one of the most festive treats going, I couldn't resist baking up a batch to munch on as we put up our Christmas tree, a real one obviously - you can imagine how great my flat smells. These little biscuits are perfect enjoyed with a cup of tea!

Devon: Photo Diary

Missing it already, a weekend away in Devon whilst rainy, was no less beautiful. An afternoon in Totnes, a power cut and a rainy walk at Blackpool Sands, with a festive feast for 20 and several gin and tonics in between! I love spending my weekdays in the city and my weekends in the beautiful British countryside.

Christmas Decoration Haul

Since it's November and the John Lewis advert has been released I can talk about Christmas to my hearts content and no one can say anything. I have been particularly excited for Christmas this year (I have been Christmas shopping since the start of October) as it's my first in my own little home, I thought I'd share what I've bought so far..

Going Bare: Nail Care Journey

So historically, my nails are a bit of a nightmare; they are flakey, weak and they constantly break, sometimes I bite them, sometimes I bite the bits of skin around them, really gross. On my budget I cannot afford weekly manicures but I've decided to make a concious effort to try and get them strong, healthy and looking lovely.

Fruity Frangipane Tarts

Bakewell tarts are probably my favourite sweet treat, they have everything going for them. I wanted to replicate a twist of this classic at home in these fruity frangipane tartlets. A perfect little treat, making use of some seasonal fruits.

5 Things I Won't Miss About Summer

September officially marks the end of the British summer time. Now don't get me wrong, summer has it's perks, but I for one am incredibly excited about autumn.
Here are my top five reasons for why I am happy to say goodbye to summer:

Millionaires Shortbread

Seeing as my Corner Shop Rocky Road was so popular, I thought another traybake was in order. I'm absolutely caramel obsessed, and you might have noticed i'm a chocoholic too, so I thought i'd try out this classic for myself. 

Home Truths: 5 Things to Expect When Moving Out

Many of you may be graduates, living at home, thinking of moving out, maybe have just moved out. Whatever your situation, we all must fly the nest. Here's is what you can expect:

Neapolitan Cupcakes

My boyfriend demanded cupcakes, so cupcakes I did make. I wanted to do something simple with a twist. A simple vanilla sponge, with strawberry icing,  and chocolate ganache. It might seem like a lot of ingredients and a lot to do but I promise it's super easy and quite time efficient- plus it's healthy cause there's fruit.....  

Summer Saviours

Ditching the skinny jeans for fear they may fuse to your legs, SULA's (sweaty upper lip alert) and the obligation to sit outside at any available opportunity for fear of being accused of wasting the weather, means summer is in full swing. Here are some of my favourite beauty products for getting through the summer.

Corner Shop Rocky Road

This truly is the ultimate chocolatey treat, pimping up some old corner shop favourites! It's incredibly indulgent and just asking for a cavity. Chocoholics, read on.

Sitting Pretty: Hayfever

As a hayfever sufferer, and pollen levels at a high at the moment, i've been trying to keep myself as normal as possible. Here are some of the things i've been doing:

Taste London #2: Steaks 'n' Sushi

As a massive foodie I'm thoroughly enjoying trying out the incredible food London has to offer (funds permitting), here are a few more places i've tried

Current Skincare Routine

I keep my routine very simply, partly because i'm lazy, and partly because I feel it unnecessary to slather on a million products. So my routine is simple about staying clean and moisturised.

Travel Make Up Bag

So it's Bank Holiday weekend, and i'm making the most of it by going away. What to take in my make up bag is always a troublesome task. So I just take my all time favourite fail safe products and a selection of essential brushes.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Ripple Icing

I fancied a treat at the weekend with a touch of fruit, I wasn't in the mood for chocolate, so I whipped up this little mixture. They were quite lovely if may I say so myself. 

From Desk to Disco

So I know no one calls it a disco anymore, I just liked the ring to it okay? Nevertheless, here are my quick tips to take your look from day to night.

Chocolate with a Touch of Orange

A standard chocolate cupcake, with butter icing and an orange curd. The light butter icing with the rich chocolate and refreshing orange curd really make for a delicious combination, these went down very well with all who tried them.

Taste London #1: Pizza, Tapas and Thai

So i've recently made a move to London (hence my absence), and as a massive foodie I'm thoroughly enjoying trying out the incredible food London has to offer, here are a few of my favourites.

What's in my Bag

A nosey nosey into what I carry with me every day

Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins

This really simple recipe makes a perfect busy weekday treat, making use of past it bananas, whilst giving a little chocolate fix.

Make Up Brush Cleaning

A real chore made easy with this little miracle

One Line a Day

This little memory diary where each page represents a day in the year is the perfect way to track daily life,

Best of 2014

Happy new year! I am going to kick the year off by looking back at my beauty favourites over the past year.
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