Make Up Brush Cleaning

A real chore made easy with this little miracle

Recently I took a cheeky trip to Liberty, I was having a nose around the make up section and spotted the Brush Shampoo. I had heard good things about it already so I had to get it. I chose the vegan one for the smell (they also have one made with goats milk one with a lavender scent).
It's truly amazing and it's going to transform my make up cleaning regime. I am embarrassed to admit (but i'm definitely not the only one) that I am not a regular cleaner of my make up brushes, but this is so quick and easy to use that I have no excuse not to clean them at least once a week, i'm thinking of making it a Sunday thing.
You simply run the brush under warm water, swirl the brush around the pot into a lather, rinse until the water runs clear and leave your brushes to dry. Simple. 

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