Taste London #2: Steaks 'n' Sushi

As a massive foodie I'm thoroughly enjoying trying out the incredible food London has to offer (funds permitting), here are a few more places i've tried

Flat Iron
I'm really loving simple restaurants that serve one thing, really well, and stick to it; like Franco Manca I mentioned in my last Taste of London post serving exclusively pizza, this place serves exclusively a flat iron steak. The flat iron is a lean, full flavoured cut from the shoulder. It is so incredibly tender, served charred on the outside and perfectly juicy pink in the middle. For, wait for it...... a tenner!! It comes with a little delicate leafy side salad, and you have the option to add sides, like veg or chips, and a sauce; I went for I went for chips and the 'Freds Sauce' which was a spicy tomatoey sauce which was delish. It had such a wonderful atmosphere, with a real butchery feel (in the nicest way) with all exposed break, wood and fireplaces, marble table tops, little cleavers instead of knives (so cute!) and little tiny posts of flowers. My favourite bit, which you can see in the background of my picture above, was the giant block of ice, I don't know why I found it so fascinating -I just did! It just gave such a cool (geddit?) authentic old fashionedy feel.
It was truly delicious, and affordable. I look forward to my next trip there!

So this is much more of a fast food chain rather than a restaurant, as far as I know it's only within London, but I wouldn't be surprised if they started popping up all over the country. This is Japenese cuisine, sushi and bento, and all sorts. If I 'accidentally' forget my packed lunch this is my go to, I think it's a great alternative to a sandwich, and it feels a little bit healthy (unless you go for the Katsu curry, which I can't resist sometimes). I love having sushi, with a bit of pickled ginger on the side, that is my absolute favourite. It's very inexpensive and convenient, and most importantly, really really tasty.
The only downfall, is there's so much choice that you spend more time choosing than you do eating!

The Anglers 
On the recent Bank Holiday Monday, it wasn't raining, so we took a walk down the thames for the day, conveniently timed around lunch time we ended up next to Teddington Lock and made a pit stop here to quench our thirst. It's a real quintessentially British pub on the river, with a great selection of drinks and ales, if you're into them. We decided to stay for some lunch in their huge garden seating area, the menu of proper pub grub really had something for everyone, from burgers to superfood salads, even a barbecue. I had marinated chicken in a garlicy flat bread, with the most delicious coleslaw, and chips. It was so delicious and the perfect dish to power me on for the rest of our afternoon walking.

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