Summer Saviours

Ditching the skinny jeans for fear they may fuse to your legs, SULA's (sweaty upper lip alert) and the obligation to sit outside at any available opportunity for fear of being accused of wasting the weather, means summer is in full swing. Here are some of my favourite beauty products for getting through the summer.

Since my pins haven't seen the light of day since around last September, a little bit of faking it is essential, just so as not to draw attention to their bright glare on the tube. My one and only, favourite go to product is the Nip + Fab 365 Body Glow Fix. This gentle clear gel hydrates skin and gives a natural tint, for a lovely sun kissed glow. I get dry eczema-y patches on my arms and it's gentle enough not to aggravate it. Not only that but it doesn't have that typical fake tan smell, which I cannot bear - I'd rather not bother. It applies easily and is quick drying leaving a streak free finish. It also lasts remarkably well; I could put on one layer on Monday and on Wednesday I'll still have some colour, after that it'll go a bit patchy, as all do, but if applied every day it builds a lovely colour while hydrating skin. I almost wouldn't try anything else..

On those hot, sunny, sweaty days foundation doesn't last long anyway; A CC Cream is a great way just to even out ones complexion for a quick and easy base. This L'Oreal Nude Magique Anti Redness CC Cream neutralises red tones, which is great for me as naturally I have quite red cheeks. Plus it also has SPF 20 which is a bonus. It makes a great starter step for under foundation too if you want more coverage.

Sticking with the bronzey theme, a good bronzer is the ultimate product for making your face look alive and kicking. I have reverted back to my old fav, the classic that is the Nars Laguna Bronzer. I really think it's a flawless bronzer which is light enough to lightly swish over the parts of your face the sun naturally hits, with a gentle shimmer to brighten your complexion. The tone of it is equally great for building up a contour. It's the perfect all rounder I love it. With a great bronzer, a great highlighter is equally essential, a very recent, on a whim purchase of mine was the Mac Mineralise Skinfinish in Lightscapade but i've immediately fallen in love with it. The marbled pastel blues, pinks, peaches and yellows mix together into the most beautiful, luminous, natural glow. It really just gently puts life into your complexion. Some powder highlights can look really chunky and gritty and glittery, this is incredibly finely milled and is so subtle you could be mistaken for thinking it was cream.

The next product is a great multi-tasker, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir is hydrates skin, boosts radiance,  reduces pore size and refreshes skin. It can be used before make up, or afterwards to help set it. On a hot day, it's lovely later on in the day as a refreshing burst to your complexion and also somehow wakes you up a bit. This would be particularly great if you're in air conditioned offices as a desktop product. Another recent acquisition, I've already noticed my complexion looks more even, and i've had less break outs. It's definitely a welcome addition to my skincare routine.

Onto the colour, the only lipstick I've used in recent weeks is the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya, a lovely coral colour. I love the look of coral lipsticks but I wanted something a little more subtle I could wear every day, and I have, almost every single day since I bought it. It's a lovely summery shade that goes with everything. There is one downside- it's not long wearing, but you can't expect that from such a balmy product. Plus you could re-apply it with your eyes closed so it's not a major issue to me. This is the only Revlon Lip Butter I currently own, but I definitely want to get more!

Summer is all about pastel nail polishes, my absolute favourite is Essie's Romper Room, the perfect pastel pink. I love bright shades but stay away from them on the whole unless it's for a particular occasion as they don't go with so much. But this has the right amount of white in it which means it goes with everything. All of Essie's nail polishes are very long wearing, which is key with pastel shades as once they chip it's hard not to notice.

So if you find time between: instagramming and snap chatting every ice cream, pimms, posh cider or salad #cleaneating (snapchats may also include photos of the sky with the temperature filter); the intimate summer nights of 'don't touch me i'm boiling' 'get away'; entering every room announcing 'phwoar, hot out..' and removing every trace of body hair, give some of these a try.

I'd also love to hear about any products you couldn't get through summer without!

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