Home Truths: 5 Things to Expect When Moving Out

Many of you may be graduates, living at home, thinking of moving out, maybe have just moved out. Whatever your situation, we all must fly the nest. Here's is what you can expect:

#1 Help me I'm poor
You actually have no choice but to buy things. In the past everything has supplied by parents, or when you lived with housemates you could get away with sneaky slosh of milk, 'borrowing' a bit of butter, and IOUing on a pesto pasta dinner. Not anymore, you are your last line of defence and only you can get that fridge full. That or Just Eat will have to come to the rescue for the 2nd time this week, and it's only Wednesday. Kidding, there's no money for that, you spent your food budget on a cushion and a vase; enjoy your beans on toast. Still waiting to get the hang of that budgeting thing...

#2 You're a lot cleaner/messier than you thought
Much like the food situation, most of the cleaning has always been done for you, you might have had the odd chore at home, or you might have done a token wipe of the surfaces and a quick dash with the hoover in you're shared house; but when no one else does it why should you right? When you live alone you can go one of two ways, either 'meh i'll do it later' or 'my goodness it's a mess in here'. When it's a disastrous mess, it's clear there is no one else to blame but you for the rising stack of dishes. When it's just your own place you take pride in it, I am miraculously tidier than I ever thought (partly because most of my hoarded clutter is still left in my at my parents..) but I enjoy polished, decluttered surfaces, a gleaming bath tub and running around with the Dyson Animal. There's something so satisfying about having your own place looking beautiful.

#3 It's just a bit... small
Your first place is going to be too small, it just is. In London? miniscule.. But let's call it bijou. With just about enough room to swing a cat you have to be very careful, there's not enough space to have draws of 'bits and bobs': receipts, paper clips, the kitchen sink; everything has a place and there's no room for anything else, you've got to be ruthless, do I need this? no, bin. End. Investing in clever storage is a must, i.e. the coffee table that doubles up as chest containing a yoga mat, spare pillows, an extension lead, a hairdryer and make up, what else would you keep in there? Pretty boxes and tins double up as decorative storage that save from cluttered crap on every surface.

#4 The TV is all yours forever amen
No more fighting over the remote, no more having to turn the volume down, no more '....are you watching this?', no more people walking in on you by yourself crying in the dark to the notebook. You are the one ruler of the remote. For this one, Netflix, that is all. Put your feet up and watch it all evening, all day, all weekend, cause guess what? No one judges you here (except Netflix itself when it checks you're still there...). However, be warned, this power is great while it lasts, but cram too quickly and you're stuck with reruns of Come Dine with Me until you find a new series..
Current faves:
Once upon a time: Finished series 1-4 in weeks, not even sorry.
Pretty Little Liars: How had I not got on the band wagon already?
Louis Theroux Documentaries: When you want to be intelligenter and stuff.

This can be interpreted two ways: first, you are free to make your own rules, free to be in, go out whenever you want. Stay out til the early hours and have pizza and stale kettle chips when you return without worry of waking a parent or grumpy housemate; excuse me while I watch videos on Youtube and laugh as loud as I want at 4am, thank you, bye. Number two, real person clothes are totally optional; that might mean just pants? bloody well go for it, you can happily and confidently wear whatever you want around the house without fear of an awkward run in, "Oh.. Sorry, I though you were going to be out today...". This is freedom at its finest.

Through all the perils and poverty, you get rule your own roost and make your own rules. You're the queen of your very own castle, it's pretty great. The crazy part? it's not even that lonely at all.


  1. Haha, I'm with you on the 'bijou' part! In our flat if it ain't being used, it gets chucked!

    Nina - www.wordsbynina.com

    1. It's a hard life, hahah! Yeah you've got to really... once upon a time i'd have been all 'oh i'll keep that... just in case... you never know..' and it'd stay at the back of a cupboard for all eternity.

  2. I couldn't agree more with all these things! I moved out two years ago and I couldn't be happier and the TV situation is the best now haha

  3. I can't wait to experience all this when it comes to actually getting my own place, except I've got terrible with my money! x


    1. I'm terrible too! Being a grown up is hard haha!

  4. You've nailed it Sarah Ann! This post was so relatable it had me howling with laughter. I can remember all of these things so vividly you've inspired me to do my own moving out post.

    Some seriously funny writing up there, I'm still chuckling to myself about spending the food budget on a cushion. Having totally done this (and still doing it).

    Hannah aka The Lazy Girl

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Ah brilliant, I look forward to that.

      Meanwhile, it's cushions for dinner ;)


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