Millionaires Shortbread

Seeing as my Corner Shop Rocky Road was so popular, I thought another traybake was in order. I'm absolutely caramel obsessed, and you might have noticed i'm a chocoholic too, so I thought i'd try out this classic for myself. 

What you will need: 


225g Slightly Salted Butter
100g Caster Sugar
300g Plain Flour


200g Butter
1 tin Condensed Milk (397g)
4 tbsp Golden Syrup

200g Good Quality Dark Chocolate (use milk chocolate if you prefer)

Oven preheated to 180C
Large deep rectangular baking tray lined with greaseproof paper- cross one piece length ways and one width ways. Leave both hanging over the edge a little, it acts as a sling so you can easily lift it out when you're finished.

Begin with the shortbread, rub together the butter and flour until it resembles bread crumbs, then mix in the sugar. Press the mixture into the bottom of the tin and flatten it across, as evenly as you can. Bake at 180C for 5 minutes then reduce the temperature to 150C and continue to bake for a further 30 minutes. Remove then leave to cool.

In the meantime, make the caramel, gently melt the butter in a sauce pan, then add the condensed milk and the golden syrup. Stir on a medium to high heat until it's a golden, dare I say caramelly, coloured. Leave to cool a little, then pour it over the shortbread and leave to cool further and set.

Melt the chocolate, pour over and spread evenly. Refrigerate until completely set then cut with a sharp knife.

Then simply sit down with a coffee and enjoy.

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  1. Millionaires shortbread is my favourite - definitely giving this a go!

    From Megan x

    1. Caramel is just perfection! I'd love to know how it goes if you do give it a go!! :)

  2. I am 100% making this. I love caramel shortbread in all of its forms, but his looks perfect!

    1. Do it!! I'd love to know what you think if you do, it's super easy - promise!

  3. This sounds so yummy! I'll have to try making it myself, great post!

    Ella xx

  4. oooooooohhh YUM! xo

  5. Uuuuh you can't beat Millionaire Shortbread SO good with a cuppa T whilst watching GBBO, I cannot wait for tonight! Immy x

  6. Ooh this looks amazing! I will have to give it a try at some point x

    Tiffany x

  7. This looks sooooo good!! I will definitely be making this it's on my to do list, I love it! X

    1. Thanks Melishia, I promise you will not regret it ;)

  8. These are one of my fav things to buy. Would be amazing (and budget friendly) if I actually made them myself!

    The temperature of the over is that for a fan oven or not?

    Jasmine x

    1. OMG yes so budget friendly! It makes a good 20+ pieces so it's sure to last a week.

      Oh, good question. I have a fan and cook I t at that temp. But I'm pretty sure I've made it in my mums oven (which I don't think is fan) at that temp and it was still fine... I wouldn't worry too much


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