5 Things I Won't Miss About Summer

September officially marks the end of the British summer time. Now don't get me wrong, summer has it's perks, but I for one am incredibly excited about autumn.
Here are my top five reasons for why I am happy to say goodbye to summer:

1. Even when it's summer it's not
The weather is simply impossible to rely on. A week, or rather, a day without checking what the weather has in store marks disaster;  boiling sun, wind, and a flood, all in one day. How on earth is anyone meant to plan an outfit, let alone their day. Autumn/Winter brings reliability, you will need a coat, a scarf, gloves, boots, with an umbrella and sunglasses to hand all day e'ryday, sorted, easy peasy.

2.  Make up slip 'n' slide
Whatever the weather does decide to do during summer, you can rely on the fact it'll be pretty humid while it does it. That means any make up just seems to disappear. I don't know what it is about winter air that keeps my grey under eyes concealed, and my contour in place, but it keeps make up looking just applied almost all day and that makes for one happy Sarah.

3. Guilt free lounging
Um hello I only get one weekend a week, I look forward to that weekend, that weekend of doing nothing! I don't want to feel guilty for not 'making the most of the weather'. There is nothing better than Netflix on a grey day.
Additional essentials include a blanket, a hot beverage, slippers and freshly baked goods.

4. The food
Ain't nobody got time for salad. Okay yeah, it's really trendy to be all 'healthy' and gluten free, dairy free, fat free, sugar free, carb free, meat free, need I go on? I'm all about roast dinners, stew and dumplings, and apple crumble.

5. London's Tourists
I apologise if you are one. Whilst entertaining at times, when living and working in London, tourists are an everyday battle. Pavement and Tube etiquette isn't abided by and I can't cope. When it rain's I can power walk my way down the street and onto my tube in half the time
How I long for the empty streets, like that of Richmond riverside pictured above, a glorious scene mmm.

Bonus reason: Christmas - need I say more

Grey skies, rain, cold, snow, bring it on i'm ready for you.

Are you excited for winter too? or are you sorry to see the back of summer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I have such a love/hate relationship with Northern Ireland's weather, it can't be too warm and it can't be too cold haha. I'm really looking forward to more chilly nights in-front of the fire with family this year, plus it means we're even closer to Christmas and that just makes me want to squeal x


    1. YES! Nothing better than an evening in with good food, good company, a good fire AND CHRIIISTTTMASSSSS!!!!


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