Going Bare: Nail Care Journey

So historically, my nails are a bit of a nightmare; they are flakey, weak and they constantly break, sometimes I bite them, sometimes I bite the bits of skin around them, really gross. On my budget I cannot afford weekly manicures but I've decided to make a concious effort to try and get them strong, healthy and looking lovely.

This nail journey began when I was with one of my friends, I hadn't seen her for a while and her nails were looking particularly amazing. Obviously I asked her what she was doing with them, she'd recently had a manicure, but it wasn't that. She explained to me that the beautician had told her the importance of cutting your nails.

This might seem really obvious, but your nails are just like your hair, they need to be cut in order to allow them to grow effectively. It just had not occurred to me before.  Of course filing your nails has it's place and it's important, but if that's all you use to shorten your nails, it's like if you just filed off the ends of your hair.

In the past I didn't cut my nails, partly because of the faff, partly because I don't particularly enjoy the experience but after the revelation I made a concious effort to cut my nails regularly. This alone has been a complete game changer for me, I've seen an almost immediate change in my nails. They are so much stronger and far less flakey.

Along with cutting my nails, I went on a bit of a nail polish detox. Anyone that knows me knows that my nails are always painted, in fact, until recently, they hadn't gone unpainted for even a day in around 10 years. I just could not stand that feeling of having removed nail polish. I can't explain it, I hope someone else knows the feeling I mean, but it's that almost empty feeling, like you've taken off your fingernails. I could never stand that feeling long enough, so I would repaint them immediately after taking off the previous colour.

I knew I had to get past that feeling in order to get the strength I wanted back in my nails, so around the end of August, when this journey started, I decided to ditch the nail polish. I found it an incredibly un-enjoyable experience, it took a week, maybe even two, for that hideous empty feeling at the end of my fingers to go, hardly surprising since I hadn't allowed it for 10 years, but I battled through (wow I sound dramatic..).

I soon realised, that this feeling was because they were so dry! I constantly rubbed the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm into my nails, and genuinely I don't think I could have done it without this hand cream. Not only does it smell absolutely incredible, but it really worked for me. I would squeeze a little bit on each finger around the nail bed and massage each finger and nail until it was all rubbed in. It removed that awful sensation, which would come back but each time it did I would repeat the massage and it would go again. This really is a hero product for me, completely and utterly worth the money!

Around 2 months on, I have not worn any nail varnish whatsoever. my nails look a million times better than before, they are so strong and long, and rarely flake. I wish I had a before shot, but I have an after one (above - please excuse my sausage fingers). I'm so pleased with them and finally feel ready to paint them again. I will however, never leave it so long to give them the breathing time and the pamper to fill them with the moisture they need.

After all my hard work to get them feeling healthy, I love a sheer nudey polish to really show them off. My favourites are Essie not just a pretty face a very natural pinky nude and Essie spin the bottle more of a true nude.

If you have any tips or products you love for strong nails, share them below!!

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