The Best of 2016

Seeing as we're right at the end of the year now, I wanted to take a minute or two to reflect on my year and the best bits of the year. Aside from Brexit, Trump, all the terrorism, all the untimely celebrity deaths, etc. etc. 2016 wasn't the worst year... not for me anyway.

'Tis the Season for Giving #Tub4Grub

Around this time of year it's so easy to get caught up in the spending, the indulging, thinking of gifts and writing your own Christmas list and forget about those less fortunate across the globe.

Christmas Gift Tags - FREE Printable

Merry Christmas! I am thoroughly into the festive season, it's now suddenly acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, drink all day and wear jumpers with bells on.

Is That The Time?

A watch is one accessory I can't leave the house without.

Thoughts on my Commute

As I write this it is 9.02, I have just boarded my train (my packed train) which was meant to arrive at 8.33.

Exmouth: Photo Diary

Ah Devon, ain't it a beauty!

Gingerbread White Chocolate Rocky Road

What screams Christmas more than some gingerbread? 
When Wren Kitchens got in touch to ask me to come up with a classic with a twist for their Christmas Kitchen, the first thing that came to mind was gingerbread. The twist? mixing into the most festive rocky road you'll ever see!

My Corner Shop Rocky Road and Valentines Rocky Road both proved pretty popular, so I figured it would be fun to create a Christmas version, and might I tell you, it's pretty darn delish if I say so myself, sure to please your family, friends and colleagues this Christmas! (If it doesn't you didn't need that kind of negativity in your life anyway)

This is probably just about the easiest Christmas recipe going but still one to impress that will be perfect to share with the family with a nice cup of tea on front of classic Christmas film or even wrapped up as a little homemade gift.

Don't worry, you don't even have to make the gingerbread if you don't want to, I didn't this time but don't tell anyone. If you do make some its a great way to use some of it up, here's a recipe that makes a ton so you'll have plenty for some pretty cookies as well as to fill out this rocky road.

What you will need:

600g White Chocolate
200g Gingerbread 
225g Marshmallows
150g Glace Cherries
200g Festive M&Ms/Chocolate sweets


Greaseproof paper
Rectangle or square brownie tin
Disposable piping bag


1. Simply smash up the ginger bread, not too small though as you want to bite into a good chunk not crumbs, into a large mixing bowl. 

2. Cut up the marshmallows, I like to use big ones and I cut some in half and some in quarters but you can use mini marshmallows if you prefer. Add these to the mixing bowl.

3. Add your cherries and 150g of your festive sweeties to the mixing bowl, I picked up some Christmas M&Ms but you could just use the regular multi coloured ones or some smarties. I'm just a sucker for the novelty.

4. Now you want to get 500g of your white chocolate melting in a bain marie (a glass bowl over some simmering water) 

5. Once melted add a little to the bottom of your tray lined with greaseproof paper, this will help you lift it out when it's ready and adding some of the chocolate to the bottom will help it all stay together when you come cut it. Add the rest to all the goodies in the mixing bowl.

6. Melt the further 100g to drizzle over the top with a disposable piping bag. Crush some of remaining M&Ms to sprinkle over with a couple of whole ones to finish it off. 

7. Refrigerate until solid, cut it up and tuck in!  

See, told you it was easy didn't I!

If you can bear to give any away, this would make a lovely little homemade present for someone, if this doesn't bring someone joy this Christmas, I just don't know what will!

Do you make a twist on a classic at Christmas time? I'd love to see your recipes in the comments!

Be sure to check out the other recipes in Wren's Christmas Kitchen, they all look bloomin' delicious!

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10 Signs You're a Tad Obsessed With Christmas

Thank goodness Halloween has passed so I can now legitimately talk about Christmas without people getting arsey.

5 Sick Day Saviours

Tis the season for coughs and colds

Grown Up Games Night with Talking Tables

There's nothing like some good old fashioned fun in the form of some board games, I'd not played a board game for I don't know how long but I used to love them when I was younger, so with some help from Talking Tables, I threw my very own grown up games night.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Not that this is something I think about a lot...all that much... but I do have theories, and a bit of a plan...

My Blog is Two!

Wow, who'd have thunk it, me, Sarah, blogging for two whole years. Not me that's for sure.

Netflix Series You Need to Start Right Now

I am a self confessed Netflix-a-holic. Nothing pleases me more than a series binge on a weekend while I potter around the flat or do a bit of blogging.

How to be more Productive

When Powwownow got in touch to invite me to their event about productivity I jumped at the chance! As a working girl with a blog on the side I find myself quite busy and any tips to help me spend my time in the best way are always welcomed!

Bullet Journal: Hello October

Well hello there October, you came around quick! I am a summer lover, I love the sunshine, but this year I feel so ready for Autumn. I couldn't be more excited about the crunchy leaves, cosy nights in, big scarves and autumnal treats.

Valencia: Travel Guide

Earlier in the summer myself and a few friends wanted a relatively cheap sunny getaway with something for everyone, sun, sea, beach, beer, and a bit of culture, Valencia is where we settled on. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect having not been to Spain all that much before, here's what we got up to.

A Travel (and Life) Essential

You might remember from the Blogger Picnic in the Park we sat on some rather beautiful throws, well those throws were Hammam Havlu towels, and probably one of my favourite products we had at the picnic. Well they're not just great for picnics...

Valencia: Photo Diary

This time last week I was sunning myself in Valencia, Spain's third largest city behind Madrid and Barcelona, and a pretty cool city at that. I've not been to Madrid or Barcelona, while they are on my list I'm not the biggest fan of big crowds and queues, particularly in the heat so thought Valencia would be a more chilled out alternative (plus it's got a beach so that also went in it's favour).

Little Fruit Tarts

With the Great British Bake Off well and truly back on our screens what better time to bake up some little tea time treats. It's been a little bit of a while since I've shared a recipe but when Zespri sent me their SunGold Kiwi's I felt inspired to make something with them.

Using Relevant Instagram Hashtags

It's no secret that I love Instagram and while I am far from any kind of expert I have gathered up some tricks along the way the importance of using relevant hashtags plus some of my favourites.

Bullet Journal: September Setup

Hello there, it's been a while... I fell out of sync with my bullet journal for a couple of months, after my holiday in June and spending a lot of time planning the #BloggerPitP I really struggled with getting back into it. I've had a recent burst of blog inspiration though, and I really wanted to get back into the ol' bujo and use it to help me plan.

Bank Holiday Haul

So we've just had a Bank Holiday weekend, and I went a little mad. I seemed to get soooo much done, I went shopping - twice, I cleared out my wardrobe with a pile to eBay and a pile for charity, I cleared out the kitchen and rearranged all the cupboards and that was all between finishing Gossip Girl (*sob*) and starting Stranger Things (omg scary). So yeah, I was kinda chuffed... here's what I got in my shopping trips.

Peek Inside the #BloggerPitP Goody Bags

Did I mention that we had a Blogger Picnic in the Park? In Hyde Park? At the weekend? ..well if you didn't know already (where have you been, I've banged on about it enough) I hosted a picnic with the help of my blogging bae's and some bloody brilliant brands!

Blogger Picnic in the Park #BloggerPitP

Yesterday was the big day, the day of the Blogger Picnic in the Park, and what a day it was! After weeks and weeks of planning with the help of some utter babes we managed to pull off a great afternoon.

In the Countryside: Wedding Guest OOTD

At the weekend was the wedding of one of my very best friends, ever since she announced her engagement I've been so very excited because they are the perfect couple and I just couldn't wait to celebrate with them, I knew it would be a perfect day.

Gardens of London

Living in London as a West Country girl I thoroughly miss the expanses of fields and farms - even just having a garden! I do really enjoy living in London for now though, and although we don't have a garden with our little flat there are plenty of lovely green spaces in and around London, which I love taking advantage of!

Hvar: Travel Guide

Every spot of Croatia that I have been lucky enough to visit so far has been absolutely beyond stunning! Hvar is absolutely no exception. The food, the things to do, it's fab and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. So I thought I'd put together a little guide of the best spots and restaurants and bars.

Croatia: Photo Diary

In June I went on holiday to what has since become one of my favourite places, Croatia. After I finished my degree a couple of years ago my friend and I went to Dubrovnik and it was the most stunning place I've ever been. Since then I've been desperate to go back to Croatia with my boyfriend as I knew he'd love it too, so we did - here's what we got up to...

Blogger Picnic in the Park

At the start of the year I really started getting involved in the blogging community and I haven't looked back, I never ever expected to get a great deal of readers let alone make actual friends through blogging - but I have, and now I want to meet some of you lovely lot!

Bullet Journal Habit Tracking

Habit tracking is one of my favourite parts of my journal, I'm a very visual person and it allows me to monitor things I might otherwise not be able to visualise. Have a look at how I track my habits and some ideas for what you could track in your journal

Why Didn't You Turn Up?

I'm embarrassed, I'm disappointed, I'm scared. Not just because we voted out of the EU but because of the aftermath of that decision. Not all the loss that is coming with that decision but all the hate. Not just the division in our country or even Europe but the world.

Hand Luggage Only Packing Checklist - FREE Printable!

I am a recent hand luggage only convert. For me hold luggage is a thing of the past, you have to lug around a giant case, wait for it at the airport, have it potentially get lost, only for the sake of taking a load of unnecessary stuff that YOU JUST DONT NEED.

How Not To Pack Your Liquids!

A #SarahStory special coming right up... So just under a fortnight ago I was packing away for our holiday to Croatia. I was feeling pretty smug with my hand luggage only set up; thoughtful outfit choices that I could interchange to create different outfits, all my favourite beauty products meticulously chosen for their under 100ml-ness.

Bullet Journal: 1 Month On

I am fully on the bandwagon of the infamous journal that has taken the blogging world by storm. To be honest, I just like a bit of an excuse to do some colouring and doodles. As my first post went down so well, I figured I'd share a bit of an update with you.

EU Referendum: In or Out?

With just a under month til we vote on the most important political decision of our lifetime, if you didn't know (what cupboard have you been living in?) it's the EU Referendum on the 23rd June. It's about time we all start coming to a decision about which way to vote. I'm certainly starting to really have a think about which way I want to vote and I personally have struggled with which way to vote. I think there's a massive lack of useful, trustworthy information that gives an overview of the pros and cons of both sides. 

Holiday Haul: H&M, Topshop, New Look and M&S

I'm off on holiday to Croatia next week, and I couldn't be more excited! My wardrobe contains a distinct lack of summer items so I've had a little bit of a spree and I'm pretty chuffed with what I picked up...

Photography Challenge: 7 Days of Nature

There's a couple of blogger tags knocking around but this was one I hadn't seen (until I was nominated) but what fun! If you know me or follow my blog/Instagram/life you'll know I'm a big fan of the countryside and even in London there's always a cheeky bit of nature to capture. 

23 Facts About Me

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. On Friday 13th, I know... unlucky for some! I am 23 today, so I thought it might be nice to share 23 facts about me that you otherwise may not know, so you can get to know the girl behind the blog.

Dorset: Photo Diary

So last weekend was the most stunning of the year so far, and as luck would have it we were going to stay with some friends in Dorset. Here's what we got up to...

Bullet Journal: The Start

I did it, I've started a Bullet Journal. I know, I'm a blogger cliche, I'm sorry but how couldn't I? What's not to love? It's like going back to the days of old when I used to make magazines for myself and make them pretty, but it's making me organised and productive at the same time. The dream.

11 Signs You're Secretly A Grandma

I've known for some time now that I might infact be a member of the wrong generation. Here's the signs that you too might also secretly be an old person...

Stationery Haul

Oh I do love a good bit of stationery... now that I've finally given into the fact I'm going to have to start a bullet journal because FOMO, I had to stock up on some things I 'needed' and I might have picked up some other bits along the way...

Spring Cleaning the Shelfie/Storage Situation

I need to clean up my act, get rid of some clutter and be a bit ruthless with things. I'll be starting with my poor little bookcase (bookcase used lightly as there's hardly any books tbh..) which is long overdue a tidy up! It's become a dumping ground for stuff that doesn't seem to have anywhere else to live in my little London flat. 

Taste London #4: Rabot 1745 - Borough Market

It's no secret that I bloody love chocolate, so when a friend suggested we go to Hotel Chocolat's Cocoa Bar-Cafe 'Rabot 1745' I was sold. It sits in the foodie haven that is Borough Market, and it is such a treat!

5 Ways to Make the Instagram Algorithm Changes Work for You

So you're likely no stranger to the fact that Instagram is changing, they're implementing an Algorithm (at some point - who knows..) that will change the order of the photos you see in your feed. It's not all doom and gloom! At first it might seem disastrous, but actually ultimately it could work to your benefit, here's why:
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