5 Winter Saviours

I've just woken up to snow outside! Which I'm more than happy to see, as long as it doesn't disrupt trains tomorrow.. So I thought I'd share the 5 things I couldn't be without at the moment.

The cold weather just seems to suck all the moisture out of me, particularly my face, lips and hands. I'd say the I find my lips to consistently be the biggest issue every single year, they get so incredibly dry, I end up biting them because I don't like them feeling all bitty and uneven, which obviously doesn't help as bits rip off and they go all crusty and horrible!! So this year I decided to try and rectify the issue, and it was going to take more than just vaseline.

So I took to twitter to find out what people used, Lanolips was recommended to me by Verity from DEERFOLD and Jo from Crystal and Vanilla. I'd never heard of the brand, so I got to researching. It's 100% natural using lanolin which is found in sheep's coats to keep them protected and dry. The natural oils in lanolin are very similar to those in our own skin.

I've been taking a lot more care with my skincare choices more recently, as late last year I was getting eczema and sores on my face. I've been researching good and bad ingredients and doing my best to avoid any nasties. It wasn't until after I bought this that I found that lanolin is an ingredient in my prescription eczema cream, that confirmed to me that this really is the real deal!

I went for the Lanolips 101 Ointment in the peach flavour, which smells lovely. It's not that intense sickly sweet smell you often find in lip balm it's a nice gentle scent. It is very very thick in texture, and quite sticky (something to bear in mind with wind/hair/hair on lips) so from that side of things it's not great. However, once it warms up and you keep rubbing your lips together and it works it's way in it feels great, in fact I've found my self putting more and more on just for the sake of it.

I genuinely could not recommend this enough, it's the greatest lip balm I've tried. It's priced at around £8, so it's not your bog standard cheapo lip balm you can pick up for a couple of pounds but it's truly worth it. I see it lasting me quite some time.

The second thing that's been keeping me content this winter are my Touch Screen Gloves. My commute to work involves waiting at bus stops and train stations where I tend to spend my time scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, these gloves have revolutionised that experience. Don't get me wrong, they are not the prettiest gloves around, and I must emphasise typing is not easy.. However, they do keep my hands nice and warm, and they are perfect for scrolling. Plus they were only £3 from Tiger, so I think they're pretty darn great.

Let's stick with hands for a mo, not so long ago, I was not into hand creams at all! I didn't get it, I didn't get why people spent money on them or even used them. I didn't ever consider my hands to be particularly dry so I never felt the need to use them (in hindsight I think they were lacking a bit of moisture and love). Last winter I sometimes used a hand cream before bed because I was finding my hands felt a bit tight at the end of the day. Then Estée Lalonde spoke about this Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm and I don't know why it stuck in my mind but I just really wanted it.. My nails were having a bit of a bad time and I decided to put more effort into the care of my hands and nails (blog post here) so I went for it and now I could not be without it. It's the greatest hand cream of all time. It smells good enough to eat with citrus and rosemary. It has a beautiful light texture which is a pleasure to apply and really fast absorbing. It's also my boyfriends favourite and initially he thought I was crazy for spending so much on a hand cream but now he doesn't so...

Next is my Bobble Hat, I got this for Christmas and it was truly one of my favourites! I love the dark navy with the black faux fur bobble but my favourite thing about it is that it's fleece lined. Which is great because not only does that add extra warmth but it means it's not itchy against your head. I've found hats really irritating in the past where they really aggravate but this is just perfection I love it! It goes with absolutely everything and I just keep it in my hand bag all the time to throw on when the arctic wind blows. 

Last but definitely not least is the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is probably one of my favourite skin care items on my shelf. Since I started using this around November I have seen a signifiant improvement in not only the hydration of my skin, but far less redness, fewer marks and blemishes, even the texture has improved. I've had no returns of my eczema since i've been using this and it smells amazing too. It feels oily at first but it absorbs by the time you clean your teeth and get into bed and there's no residue by morning, which I have found with oils i've used in the past. I seriously cannot rave about this enough, I will be using it till the day I die.

I'd love to know, what could you not live without during the winter? Let me know below. 


  1. Heard great things about Lanolips, hope I get to try it someday! Great blog btw :-)


    1. I genuinely cannot praise it enough, definitely do try it!

      Thank you, having a cheeky nose at yours now :)

  2. I love winter but I hate how it makes my lips and hands so dry. I hope to try the Lanolips it sounds very good!

    1. Agreed! I was getting sooo fed up with messed up lips. Lanolips is seriously great, I for one am now a life long fan and it takes a lot to impress me.. haha

  3. I will definitely give the Midnight Recovery Concentrate a try :-) hopefully it will help with the blemishes and redness

    Thanks, Sarah

    Would love to see you on my blog... enjoy :-) www.lorenneblau.com

    1. I love it! I just feel like my complexion is a lot more even since i've been using it. You should totally try it, pick up a tester and see what you think.

      I'll definitely check out your blog, Thanks Anna :)


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