Taste London #3: The Ivy

You may or may not know that I looove food. I love going out to eat, I love cooking and baking. London has some the best restaurants and recently I was lucky enough to be taken to lunch at The Ivy and it was pretty great..

So The Ivy have a couple of different variations of their restaurants dotted around, we went to the one in London's West End, just off Shaftesbury Avenue and Seven Dials. It's a really special experience, having been redesigned and reopened just last June, it looks stunning; fresh and bright glamorous art deco style but with a warm inviting feel.

I'm so indecisive and I get major food envy so I just didn't know what to go for. After a little too long perusing the menu, I decided on the barbecued squid salad with chorizo. It was absolutely delicious! The delicate squid worked beautifully with the smokey chorizo and fragrant herby salad. It was perfectly balanced and a great start!

For my main course, I went for seared Cornish Brill with shrimps and buttered sea greens and I ordered some buttered new potatoes to have on the side. This was absolutely stunning I couldn't get enough of it. The fish was beautifully cooked, the buttery shrimp sauce was so delicate. Sometimes new potatoes can be a bit nothingness but they were delicious too, I mopped up the lot. 

After gobbling up my starter and main, there almost wasn't room for dessert, but you've got to really haven't you. Again, I struggled to decide on what to have, so 3 birds one stone, I went for The Ivy tasting plate which included a trio of desserts, I didn't know what they would be but I'm not fussy..
There was a chocolate foundant - melt in the middle type pudding which was insaaaane! A deconstructedy lemon and berry cheesecake (i think?) and a turkish delight ice cream. I'm a chocoholic so I was just all about that choccy pud, but the others were delicious too. Turkish delight isn't my fave.. normally when thats the only chocolate left in the corner of the chocolate box, I eat the chocolate around it and leave the turkish delight, but actually it surprised me.

The whole experience was an utter joy, the food and the wine were faultless and the service was spectacular. They were attentive, topping up water and wine when running low, without it feeling awkward and invasive. Sometimes I find a waiter or waitress coming over to top up a really cringe experience but it didn't feel that way at all it was charming. They timed everything to perfection. The ambience was relaxed, whilst they were busy, you didn't feel it.
I left feeling full - bordering on uncomfortable, but not, which is just right.. if that makes sense haha.

So if you're heading to London, looking for somewhere special to go and treat yourself, definitely give The Ivy a go, you will not be disappointed. The perfect spot for a meal before or after a show, or end a day of shopping and sightseeing. 

I'm always looking for new places to try, let me know below if there's anywhere you've been that you'd recommend!!

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  1. Wow this place looks amazing! I've been in London all weekend but there's so many places to visit, it's hard to prioritise. I'm coming again soon with my parents and this looks like the perfect place to take them.

    Jess x | www.jessicajoseph.co.uk

    1. Yes yes yes you must!! I'm sure your parents would absolutely love it too! Make sure you book a table :)


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