5 Things I've Used Up

I've recently finished up several beauty products, so I figured I'd share my thoughts on them and whether or not I think they're worth getting and if I'll be repurchasing.

#1 Nars Laguna Bronzer
You can see here that this really really is empty, I mean I really kept this going until I was mashing up the tiny crumbs to use only on special occasions! I think this has to be my all time favourite bronzer, I've tried so many others both high street and high end but I always return to this. The formula, the longevity, the colour, everything about it just works for me and I find it a joy to apply. After months of using the tiny crumbs I do now have a replacement in my collection. I mean I'm a Nars fan as it is, but I really do think this is worth the price tag. I never feel like I put too much on, I never think I look muddy and I never think I look orange, I love it. 

#2 Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm
I've already raved about this in my Nail Care Journey and my Winter Saviours, so it'll come as no surprise that I think this is great, infact I think I'm going to go for the giant 500ml pump version this time as it'll probably last me til next winter - but it is £69 so that might have to wait til after pay day.. It's got the most glorious smell, it's really fast absorbing and it doesn't leave that horrible greasey feeling that so many hand creams do. This is my second tube so far and I don't see myself ever finding a worthy replacement, this will be a lifelong love. This is completely worth the money if you suffer from dry hands! 

#3 London Brush Company Vegan Brush Shampoo
I've briefly touched on this before when I first bought it, but I'm embarrassed to admit I still fail to clean my make up brushes once a week (let alone twice like is recommended), terrible I know!! I just hate waiting for them to dry! This is so easy to use though and it really works so well, it breaks down all make up so quickly and really gets into dense brushes. I've found with other brush cleaners that I wait for them to dry and then find their still a bit dirty right in the middle, particularly denser brushes; that never happens with this, I think because you swish it around in the pot and then work it in it really gets everywhere rather than spraying or squeezing some on. This stuff also lasts ages (I mean ok.. I didn't use it as often as I'd have liked..) but because it's solid you don't risk using more than necessary. I've actually already repurchased this, and again I think it's a solid favourite that I don't see not having in my collection. I mean obviously it's much more expensive than say baby oil, but it's definitely worth it for great results.

#4 Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser
I tried this completely on a whim, last summer my skin was incredibly sensitive, I had eczema on my eyelids, spots on my cheeks, it really was all over the place and I still don't know what was causing it - pollution, allergies? no idea. So I decided to make a conscious effort to really concentrate on the ingredients of my skincare and find things with natural ingredients and free from anything nasty that might aggregate my skin more. I'd seen on a documentary about the truth behind products (I wish I could remember exactly the name of the show) but it said something about Sodium Laureth Sulfate being a skin irritant but it's included in many face and body washes. Immediately, I decided this was something I wanted to try and avoid. So what appealed about this cleanser is that it was free from SLS, but also loads of other nasties, so I gave it a go. I loved it! I was trying other things at the time so I can't totally put it down to this, but my skin got so much better. I used it as a face wash in the shower, massaging a pump or two into my skin and simply rinsing off; it left my skin feeling cleansed, soft and nourished. I haven't yet repurchased this but I think I will. It's a beautifully simple product that works and fairly inexpensive for a more high end brand. 

#5 Tony & Guy Classic Perfect Tease Dry Shampoo
I'm such a fan of Tony & Guy hair products, I love their shampoos and conditioners, I love the Nourish Reconstruction Mask and the sea salt and texturising sprays, so I had high hopes for this bad boy. Unfortunately I was disappointed.. It made my scalp sooooo dry!! It's like it sucked every last drop of moisture from my head and then some. I still don't have a favourite dry shampoo.. I think Batiste is a bit overrated and Co Lab is pretty good. I'm trying an Aussie one at the moment and I borrow some Bumble and Bumble powder from a friend recently which was so good. But this, i'm not a fan. I used it up as a bit of a hair spray/texturising spray in the end rather than a dry shampoo in the end which it was probably better suited towards, but I don't think it did my dry hair any favours.. There's definitely better products out there.

I'd love to know your recommendations, particularly for natural skincare products. I'm on the hunt for a good natural moisturiser at the moment so help a girl out if you know of any good ones! 


  1. I feel like I need to cave and try NARS Laguna! Sounds really good and I love all the other NARS products I've tried :)

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk ♥

    1. You 1million% do!! I'll be personally hurt if you don't end up liking it, haaha

  2. The NARS Laguna Bronzer sounds fab! I can definitely tell how much you love it, haha! And the cleanser sounds lovely too, you should definitely repurchase it xo


    1. I don't think I could live without it tbh.. haha. I think I will repurchase the cleanser actually.. why not

  3. That caudalie sounds like exactly what my skin needs - thanks for the recommendation! Also love that Aesop hand balm too!


    1. It's really lovely, so gentle! Definitely worth a go if you have sensitive skin. I need to go and buy myself a new one!


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