Am I Sexist?

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Before you look at me in horror, hear me out.. I think I, and many others are sexist even if we may not like to admit it..

Firstly, let's not confuse sexism with inequality. I couldn't be more for equality in everything, if anything that's what I'm trying to promote and trying to practice myself..

Let's start at the beginning as to what inspired this post. So on my commute home I picked up the latest copy of Stylist magazine, as I always do on a Tuesday evening, to scroll through on the train journey home. I flipped to the page of contributors where they'd credited the Model, Make-up Artist, Stylist, Photographers, etc. nothing too unusual.

All were women, except both the two photographers who were men. I thought to myself.. "huh weird.. " then.. "well, makes sense..". Two things are wrong with that, 1. Why should it be weird that men should be involved in the making of a magazine that targets women, 2. I figured it made sense that most of the best photographers in the world are men. Why on earth would that make sense.. That got me to thinking about all the other things I associate men and women with being good at, separately.

Why should a woman not be an engineer, a physicist, or a bricklayer but why should a man not be a nursery nurse or a secretary.

I know I can sexist because if a man I don't know follows or adds me on any kind of social media I automatically think he's a creep and I have even been known to block some - for no reason, just fear. If I'm walking home down a quiet street and a man happens to be following and his home happens to be in the same direction, I think he's following me home, I walk a little faster.

How incredibly judgemental of me! In reality I know I'm pretty safe, as safe as one can be, I do know that. So why should I associate these thoughts and stereotypes with a person that so happens to be a man.. yes some men are creeps, and yes some men follow women home to attack, abuse or rape them.. but so do women, yes some men follow girls on social media to dm them dick pics, but not all of them!

Is calling men creeps, weirdos or rapey not the same as calling women sluts, whores and bitches?

I'm so torn because those men that do rape women are completely and utterly unjustified, but at the same time, my thinking that any man that walks behind me in the dark is going to rape me is equally unjustified..

Perhaps I'm just irrational.. perhaps I'm saying what others are thinking, or what no one is thinking.. All these stereotypes we have about each gender are so outdated and unfounded.. yet still engrained in our upbringing..

Apologies if that reads a bit spat out.. it kind of was, there's so much to say this is barely scratching the surface of all there is to say on the matter I didn't know where to start and where to end and where to middle haha. Essentially all i'm trying to say is there's a constant focus on men being sexist towards women, but it happens the other way..

This is just an ice particle of the iceberg haha, I'd love to know what you think!! Please leave your thoughts below, the good the bad and the ugly


  1. Really like this! I've often caught myself being judgemental of men and then thought that if a women were to do the same thing it would be considered normal, or I wouldn't judge her at least. It's a tricky topic to discuss though, so well said!

    Georgie xo

    1. Thanks Georgina! It's so difficult to say what you mean without making it sound offensive to someone else haha! But I did feel like something on the matter had to be said... We just all need to be nicer to each other really.. haha

  2. WHO RUN THE WORLD - GIRLS!!! 'sept we don't, white men rule the world and it is so boring. It is super important to catch ourselves making sexist assumptions because then it means we don't perpetuate systemic sexism. That's why we need feminism innit. top notch post.

    1. Couldn't agree more! Thank you Rosy!

  3. i get what you're trying to say! it's a walking on eggshells kind of topic, especially posting it online, but it's true there are pre-existing sexist stereotypes than men and women have ingrained in their minds...there's nothing we can do but be mindful of our own thoughts
    Quirks & Queries

    1. Totally! As long as we're aware of our own thoughts I think (hope) we can ween out all stereotypes!


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