5 Ways to Make the Instagram Algorithm Changes Work for You

So you're likely no stranger to the fact that Instagram is changing, they're implementing an Algorithm (at some point - who knows..) that will change the order of the photos you see in your feed. It's not all doom and gloom! At first it might seem disastrous, but actually ultimately it could work to your benefit, here's why:

Firstly, let's just understand that at the moment you see 150 photos in your timeline/stream/feed what have you, this has always been the case, so if you follow 200 people who post everyday, you won't see all of those peoples photos anyway. If people follow you and follow over 150 who post daily, they likely won't see all of your pictures, that's just the way it is.

Instagram is making it so that the photos in your feed are those that they think you'll be most interested in, remember, this is the same for your followers too...

1. Share some lovin'
If you passively scroll through the feed without commented or liking photos that you actually do like, you likely won't be seeing those anymore... Instagram has to base what your interested in on something, my guess is it'll be based on what you historically interact with the most. So the hashtags used on photos you like, the accounts to comment on etc. The explore page is a good example of how it knows what you like, I personally find many accounts to follow there and it seems to get me quite well. So your feed will be looking pretty spiffing. The same goes for your followers, the more you engage with them the more they'll engage with you, if they are liking and commenting on your photos, they will continue to see your photos - happy days!

2. Purge who you follow
I for one follow several accounts that I have no connection to, rarely connect with. Unfollow anyone that could crowd your feed, if Instagram base it on hashtags, maybe they'll keep coming up if they use hashtags you regularly like or use, and you might miss other photos/accounts you'd rather see. 

3. Great content is key
Having beautiful content really will get you noticed. If people enjoy your content they won't stop engaging with it, it's as simple as that! For me personally there's certain accounts I search for and scroll through their profile to see if I've missed anything simply because I enjoy their content.  
Also pay attention to what gets the most attention, what are you doing that people like, and what are you doing that they don't like. Learn from these things and cater your future posts to your audience. 

4. Use niche hashtags
Hashtags are great, they're the perfect way of engaging with like-minded individuals, finding new accounts and allowing new accounts to find you but I think many are overused and as a result don't generate anything, you could use 50 popular hashtags and gain nothing or 10 thoughtful hashtags and get 100's of likes and followers, it's all about what's right for you, your photos and your profile. 

5. Turn on those bloody notifications like everyone's telling you....
If you're really passionate about a certain account (my guess is you aren't..) by all means turn on the notifications. I personally will not be doing this to any accounts, because I interact with my favourite accounts and if I'm bothered by a certain account that I haven't seen for a while, I will look for them and give them a good stalk. If you really don't want to miss anything then you do you boo, it might give you the nudge you need to engage. 

So the moral of the story is, don't get down about the changes, embrace them. I actually think it could be a genuine improvement personally but that remains to be seen, maybe I'm wrong. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

If you wish, you can find me on Instagram here and catch my post on how I edit my Instagram photos


  1. I don't know if I'll like this 'new change' to Instagram or not. I suppose in a way it could improve my following but then it could also be the other way around and do absolutely nothing. Who knows! x


    1. I just don't think it'll make much difference to be honest, it's just slightly changing the order that's all. But we'll see soon enough..


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