Spring Cleaning the Shelfie/Storage Situation

I need to clean up my act, get rid of some clutter and be a bit ruthless with things. I'll be starting with my poor little bookcase (bookcase used lightly as there's hardly any books tbh..) which is long overdue a tidy up! It's become a dumping ground for stuff that doesn't seem to have anywhere else to live in my little London flat. 

I mean just bloody look at it, it's completely unorganised, nothing has a home and stuff just gets shoved there and forgotten - particularly in that basket at the bottom my goodness!!

It's predominantly used for my beauty bits and pieces, I don't have a dressing table at the moment and as my boyfriend is a shift worker I get ready in the living room in the mornings so as not to wake him.

It's hardly a pinterest worthy bookcase, I've had it since I was about 7 so it's definitely seen me through, I'd love to invest in a nice bigger bookcase, something to fill this space a little better. Unfortunately living in London absorbs every last penny at the moment but let's not get into that. In the meantime we're going to have to make it work.. Lets do this.

I started by just taking everything off and starting over, except for the lamp and the coffee machine as they're plugged in and I'm more or less happy with the placement of them anyway (Yes it's a little bit of an odd place for a coffee machine but believe it or not, a kettle and a toaster is all that fits in the kitchen so.. there's that.. )

I laid everything out on the floor and went through the things I wanted to keep with things that could be binned. I'm a bit of a secret hoarder I find it really hard to throw things away because I MIGHT need it in 5 years, in reality I never will so I tried to be ruthless.

Boxes and baskets are life savers!! I had two wicker-y type baskets sitting more or less empty in the wardrobe so I have utilised one for make up storage and the other for beauty bits, lotions and potions and what not you know how it is.

This is fairly self explanatory.. it has various skincare, deodrants and whatnot to save them from cluttering up the place. 

In the make up basket I've put all the make up I reach for everyday (obviously I do not wear ALL of this everyday, but you know different bits for different days every day you girls get me!). I'm a chronic collector of jars because one day I MIGHT make some Jam............ yeah.. sure.. so I've used two here to store some of my lipsticks so I can easily reach for my favourites.

I used another jar for some of my longer make up brushes, and a pretty little mug for some of my shorter brushes. 

I've used this little marble soap dish for my everyday jewellery pieces. I love this, as i'm always misplacing my favourite jewellery! Now I know that this is the place it lives and I put it there as soon as I take it off.

I love pretty little bowls and dishes, so I've used this one to store some capsules for the coffee machine.

I simply placed the booky bits and pieces on the bottom shelf. 

The after shot! I mean don't get me wrong, it's hardly minimalist but it's a lot more organised and user friendly now. Hopefully at some point soon I can invest in a slightly larger one, that could perhaps hide the hoover that has no choice but to sit alongside. I'm quite pleased with it though!

Have you been doing any spring cleaning? Share your posts in the comments I need inspiration for the rest of the flat! I'm thinking I'm going to move onto the wardrobe next...


  1. Wow even without a new bookcase the difference is massive, you've inspired me to tidy up and get more organised. =^-^=

    me so intrigued

    1. Thanks Sam, yeah it's much better. Nothing makes me feel more on top of life than an organised space!

  2. The end result looks great! I'm a big believer in throwing stuff away (well, giving to charity or recycling). Being ruthless feels so good!


    1. Thank you Nina! Yes same, I always give clothes and bit and pieces to charity but all I had this time was rubbish really. It does feel so good, everything afterwards just feels more productive.

  3. The after picture looks like a different bookcase!! And I love the fact that you have a coffee machine on it haha! We have a Dolce Gusto machine in our office and I really want one aha.
    I recently organised my wardrobe and it's amazing what a difference it makes!! Feel so much better about it now!

    Hannah xx


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