Bullet Journal: The Start

I did it, I've started a Bullet Journal. I know, I'm a blogger cliche, I'm sorry but how couldn't I? What's not to love? It's like going back to the days of old when I used to make magazines for myself and make them pretty, but it's making me organised and productive at the same time. The dream.
So if you saw my recent Stationery Haul (or follow me on twitter) you'll have known this was coming so HERE IT IS... 

So in the haul I mentioned, I found this journal (in Paperchase), it has lined pages, blank pages and square pages, which is perfect! I didn't want an entirely lined notepad because much of the content of a bullet journal isn't suited to this so I was chuffed with the find!

I decorated the front of it with some printed papers I have that I like, some tape and stuff, so that kept me entertained for five minutes if nothing else. 

I've added a little key to the inside page of my bullet journal for quickly referring back to if I need to. 
The next thing I then initially had was an index but I very quickly realised I wasn't going to use it, the lined, blank and squared pages are separate from each other, but I intend to use them simultaneously. It would have just got messy so I ripped it out. I think an index would be great if you have a note book with numbered pages, or an index but you may not actually need it, but that's up to you.

So the first page is a view of the year. Fairly self explanatory... tried to make it a bit pretty, that's about it...

(see it says page 3 but it's actually one cause I ripped the pages out oops never mind..)

Next are my goals, and my tracker for some of those goals.

I'm really happy with my tracker page actually and I'm looking forward to visulise achieving some of my goals.

(I've only just started getting into pinterest, you can see I'm lagging behind a bit there so if you fancy a nose/follow that'd be swell, 'ere you are loves)

Then I've got my 'Planning Ahead' pages which is just a top line over view of what I'm doing each month, so I can quickly refer to it if I need to.

Next comes the regular/ongoing/ideas/anything-suited-to-lined-pages pages. So we have some Twitter chats, which I need to fill out properly.. help me out in the comments if I'm missing any... pls thnx.

Also some blog post ideas that I'd like to work on

Then we've got my Monthly bits 'n' bobs. My monthly log and habit tracker, then the weekly logs.

Yay that I'm being good with money but boo everything else, help me, it's been a very busy week.

Anyway, I'm hoping this habit tracker will help me keep on top of things and encourage to me achieve minor goals.

This is my first weekly log so I'm still getting to grips with it but so far it's just topline things rather than anything work related, unless I'm going somewhere else other than the office for a meeting or client visit or something, anything work related goes in my work note book. 

I also decided to include a daily water tracker, to try and measure how many of the 8 recommended glasses of water a day. This is difficult to measure actually unless you use the exact same glass for every drink, which I don't.. but anyway, something different to keep track of. 

So far, this is as far as I've got but I loove it already (mostly because I like colouring...)

It's worth mentioning that I made the decision that I needed to start a bullet journal almost entirely based on Hannah Emily Lane's numerous posts on the subject, so if you're thinking of starting one, definitely check her blog out, she's amazeballs!

Do you have a bullet journal? Any posts on them? I'd love if you'd leave any links in the comments - love a bit of inspo. 

Don't forget to follow on twitter if you're not already, and bloglovin (then you'll be sure to see any future BuJo updates)

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  1. Your journal looks so pretty! I have one too and I love how creative you get to be with it. So much fun! : )
    Steph x.

  2. This is a really amazing post! I have my own Bullet Jornal so I love reading posts about it to get inspired, I love the idea of getting a notebook that has lines, plain and squared paper, my current one is all lines! You're writing/doodles are so pretty by the way!

    Ashley | hiyaitsashley.com

    1. Yeah same I'm obsessed with everyone's posts at the moment!
      It's been really useful actually, particularly the squares, I've not used the blank ones yet but I plan to for doodle ideas and drawing monthly memories.

  3. Bullet journals are the thing now and I love it. They are so handy, creative and keep me so organized x


    1. They're so cute aren't they!! I'm pinning about everything to do with them on Pinterest atm - addict haha

  4. yours looks beautiful! I gave into the hype but I am so not artistic in any way.. so mine is just writing mainly lol, which im ok with :) I love your drawings and the time you have spent on yours thouhg, really does look amazing!


    1. To be fair, now I've 'designed' it I need to get a bit productive with it and write down useful tasks for myself.
      Thanks Erin!

  5. LOVE this! Your BuJo is SO pretty! Can definitely see some Hannah Emily Lane inspired pages (as there are many in mine too) ;)

    Also love the water tracker, I put one in mine and I am OBSESSED with checking it!


    1. Oh definitely, she's the BuJo queen!!
      It's so handy isn't it!! I think habit tracking is my favourite thing about my journal at the moment actually!

  6. Was reading this and wondering why it looked so similar to mine - then when you said you were inspired by Hannahs it all made sense!

    Yours is a lot prettier than mine though, mines just based on blog based stuff to try and organise myself on here haha!


    1. Yes I straight up copied some things she's great!

      Yeah I think I might just make mine my blog organisation area!! I need to get more organised with it so it's perfect for that I think!!

  7. I LOVE IT. I'm so excited you've started one!! I love the cover and all of your pages! 😍 I think I may have to add a water tracker in mine as I'm so good at staying hydrated at work but I just forget to drink enough at home - yours is such a good idea of incorporating it! I also desperately need some coloured pencils to fill in my trackers haha

    Hannah xx

    1. Ah thanks Hannah!! I couldn't have done it without you ahah my BuJo Queen!
      I really like using the water tracker actually and it's quite easy to add in there!
      Yes you must get some colouring pencils asap!

  8. Oh my goodness your Bu-Jo is so pretty! You've given me so much inspiration :) The calligraphy is amazing - definitely Pinterest worthy!

    Georgie xo

  9. What is a bullet journal? I've never heard of them before.
    Love how you decorated it by the way
    Jess X

    1. Oh goodness haha where do I start! It's basically a place for digestible tasks which you 'bullet' so it's a way to monitor tasks and goals and whatever you want really... That's a flying summary I'm not an expert haha. Have a look at some others online you'll instantly decide you need one.
      Thanks Jess!

  10. Your bullet journal looks so cute and super helpful! I might have to start one myself!

    Ella xx

    1. Thanks Ella! Yes you definitely should start one they're so useful!

  11. I keep thinking I need a Bullet Journal but I have no idea what I would put in it and I would get annoyed at how messy it is.
    The way you've decorated yours is really cool, I'm loving all of the fonts!

    Raise The Waves

    1. Take it from me, you need one haha!
      I would maybe look at some boards on Pinterest and maybe make your own for what you think would be useful to you? That's what I've done, everytime I go to put something in I open up my board.
      They're so versatile you can use them for all sorts, whatever you want. Mines turning into a blog organisation journal wish is great for me.

  12. I've heard lots of people talking about Bullet Journalling, but only just started looking into doing it myself. I've been feeling a real lack of motivation & I think I might benefit from this. Interestingly, after only reading two posts, I think I incorporate little aspects of journalling into my standard diary, so I'm looking forward to starting proper! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. It's been really useful actually! I'm finding the habit tracker is helping with my motivation to do things because I can visualise if I haven't.

  13. You've made it so pretty! ♥ I've got a lovely blank notebook that I bought about this time last year with the intention of starting a bullet journal but have since been too scared to write in... I think I just need to be brave!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. Thank you Jess! Yeees you must start one!! I was too scared to start mine as I hate things being messy, I ripped out about 5 pages hahaha. If you want to do pretty calligraphy type titles I recommend using a pencil first haha. I don't think you'll regret it.


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