Photography Challenge: 7 Days of Nature

There's a couple of blogger tags knocking around but this was one I hadn't seen (until I was nominated) but what fun! If you know me or follow my blog/Instagram/life you'll know I'm a big fan of the countryside and even in London there's always a cheeky bit of nature to capture. 

So I was nominated by the lovely Gwennan, the blogger behind Twenty Something Meltdown, which is great btw if you haven't checked her out already you should, her posts are wicked, she's just so relatable. She also happens to be an illustrator and she's drawn some fonts, headers, banners etc that you can print out to trace in your bullet journal or wherever (and you know I love a bullet journal..) to save us all the heartache of having to rip out a page that didn't quite go to plan.. a pretty swell gal if you ask me. 

Anyway, Gwennan cheated, and I'm going to cheat too. You're meant to take and post 1 photo each day for 7 days straight but to be honest, that's not practical for me so i'm going to post 7 photos from 7 different days but not necessarily the last 7 (although many are).


I had a few days off work early this week and Monday was such a beautiful day so we decided to spend the afternoon at one of the parks near where we live. We're lucky enough to live very near to Richmond Park and Bushy Park. I'd only ever been to Richmond Park before so we opted for Bushy Park this time. What a treat it was!! It was stunning, the deer and the trees it was such a lovely afternoon. I even saw a Parakeet come out of a hole in an Oak tree you can imagine how disappointed I was not to get a picture but never mind. 


As I mentioned, I had a few days off work and you may know it was my birthday last week, so I went back to the West Country (I'm from there btw which you'll know if you read previous post 23 Facts About Me which I wrote in celebration of my birthday) for a few days to celebrate with my family and friends. While I was there we took a trip to Clarks Village, a outlet shopping village, on the way home we stopped at this little stall to pick up some strawberries, they were delicious too I must say. 


One of my favourite things is the way nature interacts with buildings and modern life. Particularly plants, you'll know from my Instagram that I'm quite the fan of a facade, but pair that with a climbing plant, I'll ALWAYS stop to photograph it. This house wisteria AND blossom, how could I not..


This one I like to call 'Pardon me, coming through', there I was taking a picture of some beautiful swans and a bloody pigeon has the cheek to fly on through, can't you see I'm taking a picture mate. I actually think it ended up pretty cool though so....


We recently took a trip to Dorset, now I'm recycling some of these a little from my Weekend in Dorset post, but I took them very recently and they're very pretty so I had to really didn't I. These particular shots are from our afternoon at Hengitsbury Head which was absolutely stunning, I'm dying to go back.


A lucky shot really, not much else I can say about that one haha.


Spring will soon be coming to an end, there's never a more disappointing time than when the blossom falls from the trees, I just wish it could stay forever! That said, it is nice to walk the blossom confetti lined streets to work, it makes mornings a little brighter.

There we have it, my 7 Days of Nature. Now comes the time for my nominations.

Tessa Holly (Holly Sparkle) because she recently posted a picture of a sheep in the middle of the road and I thought it was stunning and I'd love to see more pics like that!

Amyleigh Craigg (Northern Blood) because her instagram is full of beautiful nature shots and trees and animals so I think she'd be good at this and enjoy it.

Hannah (Possibly Vintage) as I think she'd enjoy it and I'd like to see some more pics of York and Yorkshire as I've never been

Sheree Grace (Kindly Sheree) because she recently posted about propagating succulents so she's pretty at one with nature anyway (plus she's from Austrailia so who doesn't want to see pictures of Aus..)

Kelley (Velvet and Vibranium) as not only is she an aspiring photographer so I think she'll enjoy, she's from another part of the world too (South Africa) so i'm selfish and want to see from the comfort of my couch

and anyone who wants to take part I nominate you too!! 

I hope you enjoy the tag, if you complete it be sure to let me know so I can have a nose please!


  1. So pleased you took part in the tag, I knew I'd love whatever you posted!! That strawberry stand just makes me think of road trips in the south of England in the summer (and makes me hungry!!)

    Thanks for such a cute opening paragaph too ;)

    1. Thank you for nominating me!! I knew i'd thoroughly enjoy doing it.

      You're more than welcome!

  2. Beautiful photos...really makes me want to go into the great outdoors! I'm impressed you managed to get the sun shining in all of them :)

    1. Ah yeah I did didn't I? I don't know how I managed that either haha

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! I specially love that exterior shot of the house - we just don't have houses here that look like that :( There's a place in my city called Bushy Park too - so weird how that happens haha

    I can't wait to do this tag! I'm so glad you cheated because I was wondering if I could too :P My uni is actually on a nature reserve, so I'm hoping I can get some cool shots there!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

    1. Thanks Kelly! Oh gosh wow, what a coincidence!!

      Yeah go for it, no rules here haha. Oh wow I'm looking forward to seeing your shots!

  4. Wauw, your pictures are so beautiful! Bushy park looks like a stunning place, must be a little special to get so close to the deers :) x

    - Anne @ Annesmiles

    1. Thank you Anne! It was gorgeous and I was amazed to get so close they weren't fazed at all!!


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