Why Didn't You Turn Up?

I'm embarrassed, I'm disappointed, I'm scared. Not just because we voted out of the EU but because of the aftermath of that decision. Not all the loss that is coming with that decision but all the hate. Not just the division in our country or even Europe but the world.

Hand Luggage Only Packing Checklist - FREE Printable!

I am a recent hand luggage only convert. For me hold luggage is a thing of the past, you have to lug around a giant case, wait for it at the airport, have it potentially get lost, only for the sake of taking a load of unnecessary stuff that YOU JUST DONT NEED.

How Not To Pack Your Liquids!

A #SarahStory special coming right up... So just under a fortnight ago I was packing away for our holiday to Croatia. I was feeling pretty smug with my hand luggage only set up; thoughtful outfit choices that I could interchange to create different outfits, all my favourite beauty products meticulously chosen for their under 100ml-ness.

Bullet Journal: 1 Month On

I am fully on the bandwagon of the infamous journal that has taken the blogging world by storm. To be honest, I just like a bit of an excuse to do some colouring and doodles. As my first post went down so well, I figured I'd share a bit of an update with you.
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