Why Didn't You Turn Up?

I'm embarrassed, I'm disappointed, I'm scared. Not just because we voted out of the EU but because of the aftermath of that decision. Not all the loss that is coming with that decision but all the hate. Not just the division in our country or even Europe but the world.

I didn't vote for this decision and I disagree with the decision but at the end out the day our country voted for that decision, so I accept it (kinda because I think - hope- something will be arranged, I'm really really trying to remain positive).

Everyone that voted, right or wrong they may be in your opinion, turned up and crossed a box of what they truly believed the right thing was for them. While I'm incredibly disappointed some people came to the conclusion that the EU does nothing to supplement their lives that's their decision to make. I don't live anyone else's life, I don't know how they get by - or not, I don't know what's right or wrong for them.

I think this vote says a lot about the state of politics in our country (and the world) right now. There's something very worrying going on, so much anger and so much division.

Some people blame the immigrants, it's not their fault. Some people blame older people, it's not their fault. All these people pointing fingers at one another for the reason why the remain vote lost, what I see as the fundamental reason is the huge proportion of my generation that did not even cast a vote. Older generations haven't ruined our future, our own generation has let us down. Our friends and classmates that didn't turn up, around two thirds of them in fact. They are who I can't forgive

While I don't think the government do enough to engage young voters, I'm a young voter, they didn't do much to make an effort with me, but I made the effort to turn up, to have a say in my future - OUR future!

With just some quick calculations it's very simple to work out that if of the roughly 3.8 million 'young voters' turned out with the numbers the 'older voters' turned up (around 80%) then a little over 3 million would have turned up to vote, and if they voted in the same way as their peers (75% in, 25% out) then 2,283,882 'young people' would have voted to remain within the EU. Guess how many the Leave campaign won by,  it was 1,269,501. So there you have it, you there you who couldn't be bothered to go and vote if you even bothered to register, it's your fault, I blame you. 

I accept that the government have their faults, I think they're pretty pants to be honest. I want someone in Westminster to start showing leadership by rallying those around them to take this country forward for what will be very challenging times. They need to appeal to the people of this country, especially those that are so fed up with politics, those that did not vote and those that cast their vote as a protest vote to the establishment with no thought of the repercussions, and make it so hate and prejudice have no place in this country. If that can be achieved, I am sure, regardless of the decision we as a country have made, we will succeed, we will thrive, we will prosper, and be welcome to all.

What's your opinion on it all? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This is such a powerful post ... I can really feel your emotion. I think a lot of the problem for the younger voters is there were no clear facts, and it turned out that half of the facts were actually lies. When speaking to my younger cousins, they felt overwhelmed and totally confused in what to believe and what to stand up for, so in the end they found themselves in a stalemate. It wasn't until the verdict had been given and they repercussions had started that they realised which side of the fence they sat on ... and by then it was too late. x

    1. Thank you Tash! That's so so true I couldn't agree more. It's such a shame that they came out with their lies almost immediately after the result was I announced I can't believe it. I just wish that the undecided were encouraged to vote to remain if for no other reason than to give us time, as unfortunately it is too late now, this is just the beginning.

  2. It was very heartbreaking to see even as an outsider (I'm a Pakistani). Of course it has its effects on other nations of the world, like the textile exchange between UK & Pakistan seems to be going in a completely different direction now. Brexit hasn't been easy. I am hoping to see everything getting back to a better shape even Brexit has happened. All the love to you & LOVED the honesty of this post <3

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. Definitely! That's who I really feel for in the situation we're in at the moment. Is the small businesses trading around the world in different currencies with their businesses in jeopardy now because of the decision. Of course after such a massive decision there's going to be instability, it will work out, I just hope it doesn't work out too late...
      Thank you Noor!


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