Bank Holiday Haul

So we've just had a Bank Holiday weekend, and I went a little mad. I seemed to get soooo much done, I went shopping - twice, I cleared out my wardrobe with a pile to eBay and a pile for charity, I cleared out the kitchen and rearranged all the cupboards and that was all between finishing Gossip Girl (*sob*) and starting Stranger Things (omg scary). So yeah, I was kinda chuffed... here's what I got in my shopping trips.

Peek Inside the #BloggerPitP Goody Bags

Did I mention that we had a Blogger Picnic in the Park? In Hyde Park? At the weekend? ..well if you didn't know already (where have you been, I've banged on about it enough) I hosted a picnic with the help of my blogging bae's and some bloody brilliant brands!

Blogger Picnic in the Park #BloggerPitP

Yesterday was the big day, the day of the Blogger Picnic in the Park, and what a day it was! After weeks and weeks of planning with the help of some utter babes we managed to pull off a great afternoon.

In the Countryside: Wedding Guest OOTD

At the weekend was the wedding of one of my very best friends, ever since she announced her engagement I've been so very excited because they are the perfect couple and I just couldn't wait to celebrate with them, I knew it would be a perfect day.

Gardens of London

Living in London as a West Country girl I thoroughly miss the expanses of fields and farms - even just having a garden! I do really enjoy living in London for now though, and although we don't have a garden with our little flat there are plenty of lovely green spaces in and around London, which I love taking advantage of!
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