Bank Holiday Haul

So we've just had a Bank Holiday weekend, and I went a little mad. I seemed to get soooo much done, I went shopping - twice, I cleared out my wardrobe with a pile to eBay and a pile for charity, I cleared out the kitchen and rearranged all the cupboards and that was all between finishing Gossip Girl (*sob*) and starting Stranger Things (omg scary). So yeah, I was kinda chuffed... here's what I got in my shopping trips.

We've got a mixture of homewares (inspired by my organisation stint) and clothing (can't say it was because of the wardrobe clearout...). Please bear with me, I ain't no fashion blogger and I'm not about to put these clothes on and pose really candidly in front of beautiful houses but you'll get the idea... 

Bicester Village

The Bank Holiday weekend begun at Bicester Village, where I HOPING to find something for my boyfriend's birthday... of course I ended up finding things for myself instead, don't get too excited though, no Mulberry bag this time... 

I've felt that my wardrobe has been lacking in T-Shirts, just to throw on with jeans and a leather jacket and be done with it, I didn't have a single one can you believe it? I wanted a nice white one that would just go with anything but I always find they're so thin and incredibly see through, but this one from Jack Wills outlet store was a great find, it falls really nicely and it's thick enough, a nice quality basic.

We popped into Ralph Lauren, not massively my thing but I figured I'd have a nose, I wanted to find a summeryish dress (I know seems dumb now we're coming to the end of summer) because I'm off on holiday next week and I came across this dress. It really looks nothing special off, I've not done it justice because it's the most flattering, lovely dress, even the colour looks like a hideous highlighter pen but actually it really suited me, I was chuffed. Then I looked at the price, £34.99 that'll do, but it's RRP was £760!!! I'm still sure the labelling must be wrong because suuuuuuuurely not but I'm chuffed with it regardless. 

Definitely doesn't look £760 in this pic pppffffft

Probably a slightly better representation of the colour..

Then on Monday, more shopping

Monday, wouldn't it be nice to have more Monday's off *sigh*

I took myself down to Kingston on Monday, FYI it's got an amazing selection of shops if you're not far and you've never been I recommend you do, and picked up a couple more bits. 

I'm long overdue a nice pair of blue jeans, my last pair broke and I just didn't replace them (I know I should have several pairs what kind of girl am I CUH) my only excuse is that Topshop Jamie jeans are my faves but there was never a shade I liked that wasn't ripped so it wasn't my fault...
Anyway I saw these, fell in love, while I don't love rips (on me cause I have chubby knees) I love the raw edge at the bottom of the leg of these, a nice touch I think, and I loooove the colour - it's like proper denim, like when you imagine the colour of denim, spot on - ta Topshop.

In Topshop I also picked up these Quay sunglasses. I had an unfortunate incident recently where I sat on my current favourite pair of sunglasses (featured in my last haul) and they weren't recoverable BIG BUTT PROBS AM I RIIIGHT. Anyway, I wanted a new pair for my trip to Valencia next week and loved these so that's that.

Next was H&M, again I got myself some T-Shirts, they came in a pack of two, I wanted the stripey one and the white was a handy extra, simples. 

I was flicking through the sale rack and spotted this gorgeous print and just hoped for something pretty and in my size, a result, this cute as anything little playsuit. I love a playsuit, particuarly on holiday - did I mention I'm going on holiday? I'm going on holiday... - because you don't have to worry about wind and flashing your bum or sitting down on the floor and having to put your handbag in front of your crotch. So a tenner later, it was mine, thank you very much.

The Homewares

Probably what I'm most excited about in this haul (does that make me old now) is the homewares I got from H&M Home, they just get it so right! So affordable plus some really timeless and some really trendy pieces. It crushed me not to get some cushions this time, it took everything not to buy even just one cover. This time I kept to just a couple of 'necessary' storage bits. 

Our bathroom windowsill has been getting a bit unruly of late with lots and potions all over the shop, falling over, you get the picture, I desperately wanted something so solve our storage woes. I think these look so great, we get one each to fill as we wish - perfect!

Next was the living room ominous corner of stuff, which I tidied up in this post - and i'm still waiting to get that new bookshelf by the way - in the meantime I'm stuck with this one and I wasn't happy with the baskets I had on it before. I saw these and immediately was just like YES they were perfect. My boyfriend works shifts so I frequently get ready in the living room so I keep a lot of my make up and things in there and storing it is my worst enemy, but this is sooo ideal, with handles for me to transport it around the flat plus it's got a bit of a plasticy/wipe clean inside which is peeerfect as one of them contains my make up. 

That's ya lot, what do you reckon - did I do a good job? 

Not that I need any to buy anything now or any excuse to continue my spending but I'd love to know, what have you bought recently? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love having a nosey at other people's purchases! Your homeware bits are awesome, you can't beat something which is practical and pretty. I can't believe that dress was supposed to be over £700...who the heck would pay that?! I do think they manipulate those prices a bit at outlets, but either way you got yourself a bargain! I'd really like to get some bits for my hol but I've been a bit too spendy of late. I'll have to go shopping in my wardrobe. Longest comment ever!

    1. Thanks Nina!
      I know right? I definitely think you're right, they love to make you feel like you've got a bargain. I can't imagine it retailed for much more than £100, and it's probably from like 2002 haha.
      Ditto, I'm so skint now oopsy! Maybe you could get something on holiday? In a little local boutique or something?


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