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Living in London as a West Country girl I thoroughly miss the expanses of fields and farms - even just having a garden! I do really enjoy living in London for now though, and although we don't have a garden with our little flat there are plenty of lovely green spaces in and around London, which I love taking advantage of!

With the Blogger Picnic in the Park coming up (there's a couple of spaces left by the way so if you're in London or you fancy a day trip to London you should join us it's going to be so cute, we have the best day planned) I've been a little bit excited and consequently I've found myself getting out to the parks, squares and things a lot more, here are some of my faves:

Richmond Park and Bushy Park

Both quite similar, quite near to each other and also both quite near me which is handy, cause they're really quite lovely. Richmond Park is one of the biggest and most beautiful gems of London, I don't go enough really considering how near to me it is. It's got views, little flower gardens, beautiful trees, hills, lakes, deer, everything you'd want from a park. Bushy Park is nearer to me so I get there a little more often and it's equally stunning to be honest, quite a similar look and feel to Richmond Park, with the deer etc but it's got Hampton Court Palace within it too! They're both gorgeous, perfect for a walk or a cycle, I'm desperate to get a new bike so I can get to them both more (if anyone near London has one they want to sell to me on the cheap let me know cause I really want one soo bad).

Soho Square

I work in Soho, and I'm very much in a habit of eating my lunch at my desk. I've been trying to get out more at lunch times though and make the most of the sunshine when there is some so I just pop to Soho Square, just round the corner from my office and sit on the grass under a tree and it's nice to get a bit of 'fresh' air and a break from a computer screen. It's quite small - much much much smaller than the others I've mentioned - and gets very busy but it does have London's fanciest garden shed and I do enjoy my little lunch breaks there.

Hyde Park

Not somewhere I've previously gone to all that much but I selected it for the #BloggerPitP for it's location and after going on a scout with Mel (the blogger behind Melberryy) for the exact location we'd actually have the picnic I fell in love with it all over again and it got me even more excited for the Picnic - we found the PERFECT spot! It's so huge that even when it's busy there's still plenty of room, it's pretty lovely.

Kew Gardens

Probably my favourite of them all! I absolutely love Kew Garden's it's stunning! I went there for the first time last summer when I'd first moved up to London and my parents and grandparents came to visit for a weekend we spent the day there and we all loved it, I've been a couple of times since - I'd go more but you do have to pay (booo) but it is worth it so I'd really recommend going and taking a little picnic or something for a lovely little afternoon! If you do go, buy your tickets on line, it'll save you queuing - last time I went I actually bought the tickets online from the queue then I was like BYEEE BITCHES and strolled straight in.

Do you have a favourite green spaces in London? Leave them in the comments

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  1. Oh absolutely love this, I've lived in London my whole life and I must say I only really and really ever go to Hyde Park - James on the other hand was like you, living in more green! So I guess we should start to find a balance in all this!

    I used to go to college near Kew Gradebs but oh how far it is from where we live and we thought about it once but we wasn't up for paying at the time but by the pictures we can tell it would be worth it!

    Try Battersea Park - it's quite pig, buy the river too, Buddah statue in the middle, I think a mini zoo is still there and I believe you can still go mini golf! Haven't been there in a while but that's the one I can think of☺️

    Thanks for sharing and we can't wait for the BloggerPitP next week!!

    Jessica & James

    1. Thanks guys! You must go to Kew Gardens it's totally worth it!
      Ah yeah I've been to Battersea before actually and it was lovely.. I should go again, hopefully the zoo is still there!

  2. These are so beautiful. It's so important to have some green in amongst all those buildings and traffic. I don't get the opportunity to visit London much so I have only been to Hyde Park from this list, but Richmond & Bushy look amazing! Definitely going to check them out next time I visit!

    Beth x

    1. Totally agree, I love getting out into the green and away from pollution!

  3. How was I not aware that we live so close to eachother! INCREDIBLE DISCOVERY my fellow West Country lass <3

    My favourites are close ties between Richmond Park and Morden Hall Park :)

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

    1. Ah amazing!! Small world.

      I've not been to Morden Hall Park - I'll have to check that one out!

  4. I really need to go to Kew Gardens! It looks so beautiful and like it really doesn't belong in London haha. Richmond Park is also up there on my list for its size and beautiful scenery - and the deer! I can't wait for the BloggerPitP in yet another beautiful London Park :)

    Georgie xo

    1. Yes you definitely must go to Kew, it's incredible!


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