In the Countryside: Wedding Guest OOTD

At the weekend was the wedding of one of my very best friends, ever since she announced her engagement I've been so very excited because they are the perfect couple and I just couldn't wait to celebrate with them, I knew it would be a perfect day.

Of course, as soon as they announced their engagement I selfishly started sort of thinking about what I'd wear, what colour, what style, looking at various blogs listing suggestions of dresses to wear and I came across one that mentioned the pink Self Portrait Azaelea Dress. I hadn't heard about it at that time (although now it's very hyped) but I immediately recognised it from when Maisie Williams wore the red one on the red carpet for one occasion or another when I saw her in it I thought 'WOW! If I was a celebrity that's the kind of dress I'd wear' but I had no idea where it was from or who made it (I thought it would have been thousands of pounds by some designer or another)

Anyway, I couldn't stop thinking about it after that, constantly looking at it online, in all the lovely colours, deciding which one I liked best. I tried looking for other dresses but none lived up to what I'd seen. I debated many times could I afford it? Would it be worth it? I tried it on (and loved it obvs) but still didn't buy it to give myself time to decide. I ummed and ahhed for weeks and months and was still desperate to have it so I decided it would be a worthy purchase. Needless to say I went for it, the blue one.

Dress: Self Portrait
Bag: Mango
Shoes: Clarks

I am sooooo happy I did I absolutely loved wearing it! I felt really lovely and also really comfortable - I loved dancing in it and swishing it around! I absolutely love the length, I don't love my legs so the crochet hid them but didn't totally cover them which I liked. I think thin straps suit me much better than anything high necked or thicker, because I have quite a short neck so it can easily disappear, I just think it was really flattering. I do have bigger boobs, so I did feel a little graphic during the ceremony at the church but otherwise I felt amazing in it!

Blue isn't a colour I wear all that much, but I love this shade of blue and it's made me really want to wear more.

The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful! The whole day was great. The bride actually asked me to do her, her bridesmaids and her mums make up for the wedding! It was such a privilege to play such an important role in her day and that she trusted me enough to do it. I think I did a pretty good job. It did make the morning a bit tight, and I didn't get much time to get myself ready but it was all fine and I managed it (somehow).

The ceremony was in the town we grew up and went to school, with one of her family friends as the minister so it was so personal and beautiful. The reception was at The Batch Country House in Somerset, it was stunning, it had such beautiful gardens with a little bridge over a pound, roses, lavender, little benches and archways tucked away. The food and drink was brilliant too! As I was so rushed in the morning I didn't get chance to eat much beforehand so by the time we got to the reception venue I was dying for a snack, so the canapes going round were perfect. They were so delicious and so cute, traditional little british specials like a little yorkshire pudding with a little piece of beef, a mini little fish and mushy peas on a little potato, mini cottage pies and obvs the regular and my fave - smoked salmon blinis. There was also the main meal, I went for a salmon salad to start, chicken with pesto for main and the trio of desserts for pudd - all fab!

I had the best day, with some of my very best friends, one of them as the bride - it couldn't have been better. Congratulations Abi and Sam! I love you very much have the best and happiest life together!


  1. You look amazing, that dress is beaut! One of my best friends is getting married next month, it's going to be so strange watching her tie the knot!

    1. Thank you!! So exciting but so weird - it's like we're real life proper grown ups now!

  2. I am IN LOVE with this dress, you look stunning! The wedding looks beautiful and what a perfect sunny day for it! Hope you all had a lovely day! xx

    1. Thank you Gwennan! It was a really lovely day and so lovely that the weather was on side

  3. How stunning do you look pls! Such a beautiful dress - I think I've seen something similar but boy I cannot afford it! Hope you had a lovely day!


    1. Thank you!! I do feel very very spoilt to own it, will have to wear it to everything forever more haha.


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