Peek Inside the #BloggerPitP Goody Bags

Did I mention that we had a Blogger Picnic in the Park? In Hyde Park? At the weekend? ..well if you didn't know already (where have you been, I've banged on about it enough) I hosted a picnic with the help of my blogging bae's and some bloody brilliant brands!

If I might say, I think we did a pretty great job of putting on an epic spread for the bloggers, which you can see in my last post. Not only did we get a ton of delicious bits from Benugo, we had all sorts of other bits, plus some frozen yogurt delivered to us by Only By Nature later on in the afternoon, plus all the treats each of the bloggers brought with them to share with everyone, it really was incredible.

Although a picnic is a lot about the main event, we really wanted to be able to give each of our guests something to take away with them on the day so we decided to put together some little goody bags with the incredible bunch of bits and pieces kindly gifted to us. Now I say little, they ended up bulging and it took some expert tetris packing to get all the treats in them! (Full credit to Gwennan)

They included a range of things from stationery, decorative homewares, snacks and sweets, and even a fun little gadget!

#BloggerPitP pencil and discount code

Gwennan, the blogger behind Twenty Something Meltdown, one of my blogging baes that helped me put the whole day together, is also an Illustrator! She has the cutest Etsy shop with the cutest cards, prints and stationery, I have my eye on those Bullet Journalling stickers with my discount code!

Sparkleberry Illustrations

Effi, the blogger behind Sparkleberry and another bae behind the picnic, although she couldn't make it on the day she was a key decision maker, also happens to be an illustrator and she sent us some cute little prints and card to include in the goody bags.

Snacks for days

Bags to Graze on

If you haven't heard of Graze's letterbox delivery snack boxes, what hovel have you been living in? Well they now have an online shop where you can get BAGS of all the best goodies they have to offer, some of the flavours they sent for us to include in the goody bags were their Punchy Protein Nuts (already a big fan - yes yes yes), Tomato & Basil Crostini, Smokehouse Barbecue Crunch, Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart and Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie - I mean, wow.. and that's just a few of their selection! 

Lily O'Brien's bars and bags

The most beautiful chocolate! Each goody bag including a pouch of munchable chocolates plus a big bar, enough to fuel our bloggers through many a late night blogging session! Again, we had an assortment of flavours with oranges, bergamot, mint, caramel, stem ginger, and more! I'm particularly fond of the stem ginger batons! 


I'm already a massive fan of the Sweet & Salty Propercorn, I don't know what it is about the combo but I love it! Alongside the originals they also sent us some of their other crazy flavours, we had Sweet Coconut & Vanilla which I was dying to try and oh. my. god. so friggin good! We also had the Smooth Peanut & Almond, Sour Cream & Black Pepper and Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun Dried Tomato.

Ape Snacks

These little coconut curls are just a bit of fun, so crunchy and absolutely delicious, so light! They'd make the perfect accompaniment to munch on while sipping a cocktail (or a beer if that's more your thing) 

Drink up and be well


What better way to finish up a picnic than to go home to a nice - a VERY nice - cup of tea. They sent us an assortment of different teas to pop into the goody bags from Darjeeling to Green, Oriental to Fruity, Rooibos to Herbal, so many amazing flavours. I sipped up my Wellness Sleepwell tea in minutes and it was absolutely beautiful, I'm definitely going to have to get myself a pack. 

Aduna Baobab 

Organic, nutritious and ethical - full of vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, this super fruit powder can be added to smoothies, drinks, breakfasts etc. for an added nutritious boost with a sweet and citrussy flavour. I can't wait to try the Baobab & Raspberry Porridge!

Robinsons Squash'd

A little handbag sized bottle of squash for a fix on the go for each of our bloggers in all the usual flavours plus some special extras, like Passionfuit & Mango - yum, in pretty much the cutest little bottle ever, a handbag essential! GIMME DEM SUMMER FRUITS! 


Vitamins in a range of flavours to keep our bloggers happy and healthy when they're slogging away on a post or taking pictures, or the massive amount of back end bits and pieces that no one ever sees! 

Then there was the 'picnic essentials' 

Talking Tables pineapples

What would a picnic be without the bunting and decorations, certainly not the picnic of any bloggers.. Our bloggers went home with either the Pineapple Honeycomb Hanging decorations or the Pineapple bunting from Talking Tables so they can replicate their own stylish picnic or party at home, or you know.. just decorate their bedroom... I'm desperate to throw a cocktail party or something now so I can use my set!

ZapIt insect bite relief

Outdoors + Summer = Bug bites, but we had the remedy for that! This cute little gadget attaches to your keys then any time you get a bit you give it a little zap with a painless electrical discharge and it prevents histamine release which means it's not itchy. I know, AMAZING. It actually does work, I've already used mine and I'm going to take it on my holiday to Valencia next week - perfect.

Frezyderm Suncream

Even in blighty we get the odd bit of sunshine, we were even graced with some beautiful blue skies and sunshine on the day - hallelujah, it was a close call there for a minute - so suncream was very appropriate, it's so easy to think 'oh it's not that hot' and you get home to find you've turned into a lobster...

Milton antibacterial wipes 

All the lovely treats means sticky fingers, spillages and mess, all cleaned up with the antibacterial wipes. Living in London makes me very conscious of surfaces and grubbiness, this pack is going to end up living in my hand bag I just know it.. 

I just want to say thanks again to all the wonderful brands that supported the picnic, by filling our goody bags, setting the scene and proving the vast amount of food for us to enjoy both on the day and afterwards!

Keep an eye out for some future posts including tips on throwing the perfect picnic, be sure to follow me on Bloglovin so you don't miss it!

*All items mentioned were kindly gifted to us for the #BloggerPitP*


  1. Feeling so privileged to have been able to have two bags full of these goodies (to those who don't know, we are a couple blog) not because I am one greedy girl haha

    We actually have our winning Buntings hung around our bedroom wall, along with one peach pineapple hanging from my make up table! Although, we did think we didn't need 6 pineapples, so we gave the other set to my 9 year old sister and now has them hung up on her bunk-bed as of last night!

    The snacks are a serious treat, desk snacks for days! Thank you again and again!

    Jessica & James

    1. Yaaaay, so glad you like them! I loved that bunting so much I am so jealous!

      I think your sister is a worthy owner of the other set of pineapples, we can cope with that - bless her, coolest bunk beds ever!

      You are more than welcome it was an absolute pleasure!

  2. These look so goooood! I'm absolutely gutted I couldn't make it, I've been looking at all the pictures of the event and it just looked amazing. Well done to you for hosting the event and for all of you for getting everything together, you did a fantastic job! So can't wait for the next one, I'm not missing it for anything! Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thank you! It was such a good day, and there will DEFINITELY be another one - see you there ;)

  3. it looks soo fun! lovely photos! xo

  4. It looked like you all had so much fun - I'm not jealous honest! Congratulations on organising the event!xo

    1. Thank you! It was a brilliant day I was so pleased!


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