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You might remember from the Blogger Picnic in the Park we sat on some rather beautiful throws, well those throws were Hammam Havlu towels, and probably one of my favourite products we had at the picnic. Well they're not just great for picnics...

Hammam Havlu generously sent us 10 of their towels in a variety of beautiful designs to keep our bottoms dry at the picnic, they really set the scene for a beautiful occasion. At the end of the picnic, myself and the girls that helped me put the whole thing together took one, and we raffled the remaining towels to our attendees, who were absolutely thrilled to take one home.

I chose the Jade Taze Towel*, a beautifully understated design, subtle little jade and white stripes with a white edge and tassels.

These towels are made with authentic Turkish techniques woven by a small family run business in Denizli with the finest Turkish cotton. As you can see they are absolutely beautiful and so very instagramable. But there is substance behind their beauty! They're fantastically absorbant, like a regular towel, but without the weight. They're thin and lightweight - perfect for packing for a day at the beach.

I've made a habit of only taking hand luggage on holiday these days because I a) hate paying for hold luggage and b) hate waiting for it. In June I had a 10 day holiday to Croatia, I took only hand luggage, equally my most recent weeks getaway to Valencia I took only hand luggage. This little towel makes packing so much easier! A normal beach towel would take up half a hand luggage sized suitcase, not this one - just a tiny space. It's so great to carry to the beach as well, fitting in a hand bag with no issues.

It holds up well on the beach too, it doesn't get full of sand, dries quickly and it didn't pick up any grubbiness from the sand or suncream (which I was worried about with the white trim), any dirtiness was inflicted only by me and a melty ice cream. When I got it home and got it washed it came out good as new.

Bill and I now have one each and he loved using his as well. It's such a great item I cannot recommend it enough, if you're a frequent traveller it really will change your life!

Not only all that but they work beautifully in the home too, now that we're heading into Autumn (but more because I think I've not got the budget - or the annual leave - for another holiday this year) it's perfect as a little throw or blanket for chilly evenings, something to cover your legs in front of Netflix.

What do you think, do you have anything like this? If not take it from me, get one! You can get 20% off one at the moment with the code HAVLU20 at the checkout.

Thanks again to Hammam Havlu for kindly gifting us these beautiful towels.

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