Using Relevant Instagram Hashtags

It's no secret that I love Instagram and while I am far from any kind of expert I have gathered up some tricks along the way the importance of using relevant hashtags plus some of my favourites.

Right at the beginning, I used to be one to hashtag everything in the picture like #girl #sun #grass #cloud #hair #top #outside etc etc.. I slowly learnt they didn't work, I'd use the odd hashtag I knew worked - at the time I was very into baking and my cupcakes would always get likes from #baking and #homemade - then I kind of tailed of and didn't use all that many. Then this year, since putting an effort into my blog and growing my instagram (trying) I started looking into it more, and more at 'niche' hashtags, what others used - accounts bigger than my own (but not big) and started using them for myself with some relatively good results.

Pick and Choose

It goes without saying for that certain hashtags work better for different pictures. Some work well across all pictures and I use them on all pictures, for example blogging hashtags apply to most if not all of my pictures, so I'll tend to use them every time then mix in others to suit the content of the picture.

Remember: You can use 30, I like to post them in the comments immediately after I post my picture because they disappear from view and don't look so messy. 

For Blogging

(etc. whatever you niches are)

For Food



For Architecture


For Travel


For Generic/Just Pretty


Tip: Make a little collection of your favourite hashtags in the notes on your phone, then when you want to post a picture you can simply copy and paste them over. It really speeds up the process. I've got different collections of hashtags for the different types of pictures I post, works every time. 

I'd really encourage you to take the time to look at what hashtags other accounts, that post similar pictures to your own, use and try using them and see how you get on.

What are your favourite kind of pictures to post on Instagram? Among my personal faves are a pretty bunch of flowers or a good facade.

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  1. Love some of you hashtag ideas! I mainly post pictures of stationery so I use #planneraddict there doesn't seem to be stationery blog # yet!xo

    1. Thank you! Ah I didn't know about that one, that's a good one, especially as I love a good bullet journal.

  2. Great tips here :)

  3. Oooh thank you for some of the different hashtags, I hadn't thought of some of them before. I've got a little note on my phone for different pictures, so I'll add some of these on.

    One of my pet peeves is people who tag things that aren't relevant - I love the londonfoodie one, but sometimes there are pics of people in bikinis in there, not sure I wanted to see that when I was looking for burgers and fries. :)

    1. You're very welcome, it's so handy having them in notes right? Makes it so much quicker!

      Same eeerrrgh. Oh I didn't know about the londonfoodie on I'll have to use that... seeing as I definitely am one. I promise not to include it on my bikini pics, haha.

  4. This is so useful! I totes pinned it.

  5. I've stayed away from hashtags because like you mentioned it can look messy. I didn't realise they still work if you put them into the comments. Will start to do that now as I want to take instagram more seriously for my blog. Found this post so useful.

    Jasmine x

    1. Yeah they work just the same, but I think there's a limit of time to putting them there and they don't work so well, I'm not sure on that though.. Instagram hides them well in the comments, I like that! I'm so glad you found this post helpful!


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