Bullet Journal: Hello October

Well hello there October, you came around quick! I am a summer lover, I love the sunshine, but this year I feel so ready for Autumn. I couldn't be more excited about the crunchy leaves, cosy nights in, big scarves and autumnal treats.

In my last post, with my September Setup, I discussed how I'd struggled getting back into my BuJo after a very hectic summer, I hoped I'd be better last month but I didn't keep it up as much as I'd hoped.

Habit tracking is one of my favourite parts of my bullet journal, I did manage to keep up with that but my holiday to Valencia at the start of the month knocked me out of weekly logging and I didn't really get into it at all after returning. This will be a much more stable month for me and I'm hoping to really get back to it with my Bullet Journal, get on top of my plans and tasks and get myself organised.

Habit Tracking

I've kept to my usual habit tracking set up, I find it works really well for me and I like the layout and visualising a summary of my month in one place.


Last month I introduced goals into my monthly logs, while I didn't keep up with the weekly activity much, this was something I found really useful. It made me think about what I wanted to achieve from the month and to focus on the doing when normally I'd probably forget or lose motivation, so they're back this month.

Weekly Log

As I mentioned, I've been struggling to keep up with these, mostly because I keep my work agenda predominately separate, unless I have to go somewhere - my bullet journal is more of a life/blog organiser rather than every single thing I do, which means there often isn't much to put in the weekly logs, as I'm at work during the day and it's only now and then that I do something in the evenings notable enough to jot down, so I am thinking of changing up how I do them entirely, but I just don't know how.... (any posts you have on alternative weekly logs, feel free to leave me some links).

That said, I just love the way they look, I love making them all beautiful. For the first week of this month I've used these absolutely beautiful little stickers from Gwennan Rees Illustration HOW GORGEOUS ARE THEY! After the Blogger Picnic in the Park she kindly gave us a discount code to her etsy shop and immediately I knew I was going to buy these stickers - you should definitely check out her shop she's got beautiful bits, little note pads, pencils, prints, cards, all sorts! She also blogs over at Twenty Something Meltdown, you should probs check that out too because she's got some pretty fabulous BuJo posts.. (and she's a bit funny and proper nice too)

How do you keep up with your weekly spreads? I'd love your tips in the comments! And tell me your favourite thing about Autumn!

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  1. Grown up games night! Noticed that on your fun goals... I am so interested! :) xx

    1. Ah yeah, I'm having that in a couple of weeks - it'll be on the blog! :)

  2. Love the new look by the way! Xx

  3. I love all the decorative details you've used here! My bullet journal has also been pretty neglected this summer but I do enjoy habit tracking and I like the way that you've set goals for this month - maybe it's time to crack the BuJo back out!

    Love the new blog look too!

    Georgie xo
    Georgie Nicks

    1. Thank you! Yeah it is tough when you've got a million and one things to do, but when I am doing it I love it. I guess it's just about finding a way to make it work for you best..
      And thanks, I'm glad you like :)

  4. Awesome, you're a bullet journalist too!! I love your layouts. My favourite thing about Autumn is the colours. It's cold but so the colourful.

    1. Yeah I love it! Ah thank you. Yes saame I love sunset colours and the leaves turning, absolute fave!


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