Grown Up Games Night with Talking Tables

There's nothing like some good old fashioned fun in the form of some board games, I'd not played a board game for I don't know how long but I used to love them when I was younger, so with some help from Talking Tables, I threw my very own grown up games night.

Way back when we had the Blogger Picnic in the Park, Talking Tables kindly sent us some decorative goodies to set the scene. Well they got in contact with us following that to work on some collaborations to feature some of their other products and I was like OH HULL YUHH.

They asked me to take a look at their range, after I saw them Instagram their Snakes and Ladders Trivia Edition, inspiration struck and I had my plan - for a grown up games night. They sent me the Snakes and Ladders along with a load of surprises including a Pub Quiz game and a number of decorative bits and pieces.

So last night, we had a couple of friends over to play some games, have some food and some drinks, we had a truly brilliant evening. We started of with an aperitif and some snacks as we started our game of Snakes and Ladders, mid way through we paused to go to our local Indian Restaurant for a bite to eat, then returned for a night cap and finished up our game - I won by the way.. obviously *hair flip*.

The game was an utter hoot, we had such a laugh! There was such a great mix of trivia questions, some easy and some really quite hard, it worked really well in the game though adding another level to the classic that is snakes and ladders. Trivia spoiler alert.. did you know we share 70% of our DNA with slugs? Who knew....

Seriously though, I absolutely cannot wait to play it again and although we didn't get time to play the Pub Quiz as well in the end if it's anything like the snakes and ladders that will be great fun too! I can't wait to whack it out around Christmas and get the whole family involved, it will be hysterical and I just know they'll love it. 

I was so chuffed with all the decorative bits, as soon as my parcel arrived a few weeks ago the lights were straight out cosying up my living room! I put the others up for our evening and I'm thinking I'm going to keep these decorations up all the way til Christmas now, I can't bring myself to take them down, they're too bloody cute! They've created such a lovely atmosphere in my living room.

I couldn't have loved what they sent me any more! Other than the Snakes and Ladders I was really pretty vague and they got my style to an absolute tee, everything fits so well with our furniture and style.

You absolutely must check out their BEYOND extensive range, you just wouldn't even believe how much they have, there is something for everyone, for every single occasion! I'm already eyeing up their entire Christmas range!

I'm so in the mood for more board games now, it was lovely to have an evening in without any technology or tv. So I'd love to know, what are your favourite games?

Massive thanks to Talking Tables for working with me, we had such a great time!

*All the products mentioned in the post were kindly gifted to me by Talking Tables*


  1. A grown up games night is such a great idea!
    The snakes and ladders game looks amazing and the star light is gorgeous, it's definitely going on my Christmas list.


    1. Thanks Kat, it was such fun! The snakes and ladders was seriously brilliant, 100% my new favourite game. Isn't it sweet? Super festive but will look gorgeous afterwards too!

  2. Looks like you had a great night! I didn't know there was a trivia version of snakes and ladders 😱 Just had a peek at their range and it's so cute xo

    1. It was such good fun, thank you! You honestly must try it - such a laugh!
      I could look at their range endlessly honestly, gives me all the party inspo!

  3. What a great idea and wow you were sent so much, that's so lovely of them! Can't wait to see what they've got in stall for us! Don't remember the last time I played snakes and ladders, but we do love a good board game! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

    1. Thank you! They're so incredibly generous and a joy to work with to be honest!
      I know same, it must be like 15 years for me but it was the most fun

  4. I love board games but mostly play the more involved geeky type. Still, trivia snakes and ladders is very intriguing!

    1. Oooh like what? It is great fun, just a good fun easy game.


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