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When Powwownow got in touch to invite me to their event about productivity I jumped at the chance! As a working girl with a blog on the side I find myself quite busy and any tips to help me spend my time in the best way are always welcomed!

The event was last week, at Megaro Bar near Kings Cross - very cool. Like I said, hosted by Powwownow with a talk from Alice Mackintosh from the Food Doctor and Equi London, there to give us some tips on what to eat to keep our energy levels stable and ultimately keep us productive. They were such useful tips and I've already started putting them into practice.

The Top Tips

For keeping energy levels stable throughout the day:


When you wake you are breaking a fast (hence the name obvs) so you don't need to fast longer!

2. Stick to 3 main meals

Every 3-4 hours. 

3. Snacking is allowed.

Snacking isn't unhealthy (just pick the right ones obvs, think nuts, hummus, yogurt, etc) you should try and eat a little something every 2-3 hours - particuarly in that afternoon lag.
-I'm starting to like this.. I can still eat lots-


Eat it with every meal, every snack, get it in everywhere! It makes the sugars in foods, particularly carby sugary foods and fruits, slower releasing. So have some nuts and seeds on your porridge, some greek yogurt on your berries, some nut butter with your apple etc. 

5.  Check your sugars

ALL SUGAR IS SUGAR (Even fruit - so remember don't eat fruit without protein) but it's about picking the right ones, so replace white sugar with coconut sugar/nectar, dates or fruit purees. 

6. Cut down on the carbs

A maximum of a quarter of a plate of food should be complex/starchy carbs, half your plate should be veggies instead.

7. Drink all the water

Water water water water. Dehydration is the culprit of the most unproductive state - low energy, poor concentration, poor memory, etc. We should be drinking 2.5 - 3 litres a day (squash/flavoured water don't count, the chemical structure is altered so it doesn't work in the same way) and sip don't gulp I had no idea that made a difference but sipping a little at a time hydrates you far more than gulping a few pints at intervals.
(Courtesy of Alice Macintosh)

The Brain Food

Alice shared with us her 6 best brain foods:

1. Walnuts

Why? Omega 3, Protein, Magnesium, B6

2. Salmon

Why? Protein, Omega 3, Astaxanthan (supports memory and skin)

3. Pecans

Why? Choline (brain structure), concentration

4. Eggs

Why? Protein, Choline, B Vitamins, Vitamin D

5. Dark Red/Purple Berries

Why? Antioxidants (may improve memory), Support brain circulation

6. Beetroot

Why? Nitric Oxide (aids circulation in body and nervous system), Folic Acid, Magnesium, B Vitamins
(Courtesy of Alice Macintosh)

Excuse me while I now eat these at every available opportunity, lucky for me I like all of these. 

I had no idea about some of these tips, I found them so useful to know, like eating fruit with protein to make the sugar slower releasing, I hope you find them useful too! I don't like this whole attitude towards food that seems to be about at the moment, where people are cutting out all sorts, I think it's really damaging when people are made to think that perfectly healthy foods are bad for them for whatever reason. It's just about thinking a little bit about what you eat, and what you could swap in for an added boost. At the end of the day it's all about balance!

My Tips

Obviously eating plays an massive role but there's lot's of other things that help you be productive

1. Lists

Who doesn't love a list... I find it so useful to note things down otherwise I'll inevitably forget. Then I can flick to the list and it triggers what I needed or wanted to do then I can do it. Rather than having it on my mind until it's done.

2. Start a Bullet Journal

If you follow my blog you'll know I'm quite the fan of the bullet journal, I think it's so useful for planning, setting out goals, visibly monitoring them and not having 9893248261 things on your mind all at once. 

3. Use your time wisely

Make use of 'non time' for something productive. For example every morning I get the train as part of my commute, I use that time to schedule my tweets for the day or upload an instagram picture, perhaps you could listen to an audio book while your cooking - that kind of thing.

4. Do the most important stuff first

Don't procrastinate the big jobs, get them done and out the way then if changes need to be made to something, there's time. Little bits you do day in day out that can be done quickly and easily can wait - you know how to do them. 

5. Allow time for nothing at all

Sometimes it's nice to do nothing, sometimes you need to do nothing! Don't feel guilty for chilling out with Netflix and a cuppa (although it does get a bit awk when Netflix asks you if you're still watching, yes Netflix, I'm still watching).

What's your best productivity tip? And what's your favourite naughty snack for while your working? For me it's got to be chocolate or cake. 

Thanks again to Powwownow for hosting this fabulous event and Alice for these great healthy eating tips, and for allowing me to share these tips!

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  1. Your productivity completely depends on your health and fitness which accounts mental and physical health both. If you are mentally fit and physically not then no matter how great you have outlined your schedule you can't stick to it and if you do then you are not able to do it properly or affecting your health in a way so drink a lot of water, eat and do as suggested in the post because it's really beneficial. And if you are physically fit but not mentally then you cannot cop up with your work and can't make a proper strategy to execute it. For this, as in the blog suggested increase the intake of memory enhancing food supplements for getting proper vitamins and nutrients.

  2. Cute pencils and stickers..............

    Lolololololol I wanted to leave that as my only comment and people would think I was so rude. Fab post as always pal, SO agree with your own list of ideas, a bujo and taking time out is the best for me!

    PS your new look is slaying. xxxxxxx

    1. Hhahha yeah imagine 'who's this weirdo then'. I knew that wouldn't bypass you. I bloomin' love them, can you tell?
      Thanks mate!

  3. Totally agree with you about cutting out loads of foods, I find it quite worrying! My top tip is just get started. A long to do list can be daunting, but one task done is better than none!

    1. Yes Nina love that!!! Even just getting 1 thing out the way is 1 thing less to do later!


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