How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Not that this is something I think about a lot...all that much... but I do have theories, and a bit of a plan...

Hear me out here... I.. think.. Zombies.. already.. exist (lol). I reckon that somewhere (probably America in an Area 51 type situation) there are Zombies that we (humans) made for the purposes of experimentation to test antidotes and cures or mechanisms to get rid of them should there be an outbreak - so hopefully they've nailed that already.

But, if they haven't and if there was to be a Zombie outbreak, obviously lots of people would die/become more Zombies, but then other people would (hopefully) manage to avoid them. If they do, it doesn't stop the Zombies roaming around so hiding in your home, or a basement, or an attic isn't going to cut it, you only have until they find you or you run out of food - whichever comes first. 

The Seven Step Plan

Step 1. Stock up on supplies

You're going to need all kinds of supplies, you gotta wait them out to some extent.
You'll need:
First aid supplies
Non perishable food
Hygiene supplies
Utilities - Batteries, Knives, Torches, Matches, Candles, Screwdrivers, String

Step 2. Invest in protective outerwear

Think disease outbreak like foot and mouth disease or ebola, like full body hygiene protective clothing. You never know what they might contaminate or when it might come in handy. I reckon an outbreak would be as a result of a weird disease so I think that would be handy. Also it might mask your smell of human flesh from them and you could stroll among them unnoticed (probably wouldn't recommend though just in case).

Step 3. Weapons

Guns are good, though harder to come by in the UK - think about researching how to make them, or you could swing by a farm and hope they have a shotgun? Now might be the time to take up clay pigeon shooting as a hobby..
Really though, if you can't give it a headshot with a gun you're better off just running for it, stabbing the thing just won't cut it.

Don't worry, this one's just cardboard...

Step 4. Isolate yourself 

Speaking of farms.. they're going to be in and likely stay in highly populated areas so you're going to want to head out to full on proper countryside, can't see anyone for miles type thing. Think Scottish Highlands, foresty woodlands or moors. Make sure you know every route out of your town and the quickest routes. You do not want to stick around if there are zombies about - certainly not London HEEELLL no that's going to spread faaaaast.

Step 5. Get yourself a car

If you're going to go to the middle of nowhere/as far away as you can, you want a car for 3 reasons. 1. It's really far and will take ages and you'll probably have a lot to carry, 2. You don't want to leave a human scent trail by walking, 3. if they do suddenly appear you can get away much much quicker. So if you can't drive yet, now's the time to learn, but I suppose even if you don't, the roads aren't likely to be that busy soo...
What would be even better though, a boat! Imagine! They will never get you - if you do get a boat be sure to add fishing rod and hooks to your supply list.

Step 6. Know basic first aid

Hopefully you don't get injured by a Zombie because then like, you might be one.. but still, chances are you're going to get injured, you'll trip and fall and cut yourself, or probably drop your knife and try to catch it cut yourself, or burn yourself trying to make a fire etc etc. so it's worth knowing the basics, because a doctor or nurse might not be easy to come by...

Step 7. Hope for the best

A certain amount is going to be down to luck.. You're going to need constant supplies to wait them out, I don't know if they can eventually die/decompose (I know they kind of are but they aren't going to stay intact, bits'll fall off and whatnot) so you need a source of food and water, like a lake or the sea for fish, woodland for rabbits, dear, birds, fruits and veg and whatnot, if you've got that I reckon you'll be tickety boo.

What do you think? Do you have a plan of action? I'd love to know your ideas! Leave them in the comments

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  1. This is such an awesome post! Seriously, I though I was the only one who thought there were already zombies out there and I really believe an outbreak could be imminent. Luckily I'm far away from most cities and hopefully will have another car by the time anything happens haha


    1. Thank you haha! I'm so glad your with me on that! I do hope it's not imminent though.. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you're able to get a car before that outbreak haha.

  2. Love this LOL It's so well thought out. I think one of those underground end of the world bunkers might be handy all stocked up with supplies. That and machetes.

    1. Yeah definitely but what if they just hover around it and you'd never be able to leave... Machetes 100% necessary!

  3. Aha, I literally wrote a post in June on what I would do in a zombie apocalypse: (if u want to read lol)
    Great tips though
    - Arora x

    1. Brilliant haha! I'm going over to read it right now!


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