My Blog is Two!

Wow, who'd have thunk it, me, Sarah, blogging for two whole years. Not me that's for sure.
At two months I thought 'oh what's the bloody point' but still, I plodded on regardless, having not long finished uni not knowing what to do with myself it was something to put my mind towards.

Two years later here we are!

I honestly can't quite believe how far I've come, and it's not even all that far at all, I didn't expect anyone beyond maybe a few of my friends let alone thousands of people to read my blog. I never expected to meet anyone through blogging let alone make friends. I never expected brands to notice my little blog let alone want to work with me.

I just want to say thank you, anyone that takes the time to read my little corner of the internet. The little corner I've grown immensely proud of and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

5 things I love about blogging!

1. A space that's truly mine

A place I can express myself as and when I please. I never expected it but its built my confidence immensely, its helped me accept and value who I am and helped me grow so much - as a person and in my career.

2. The friends I've made. 

I've spoken to some amazing people and met some amazing people but there's a special little bunch that have become great friends and I feel so so lucky to have met them! What began as tweets back and forth between myself, Mel, Gwennan, Hannah, Effi and Nina became twitter DMs as I forced them into picnicking with me and is now an ever spammed WhatsApp group of goss, typos, terrifying Nigel Thornberry images, help and support, I truly love these girls like I've known them forever.

3. The experiences I've had. 

It's honestly so crazy to me the things I've done, just within the last few months. I threw my own event, gone to others, collaborations in the works. Not an awful lot but still more than I could have ever imagined.

4. The community. 

For the most part its such a lovely and supportive environment which I found incredibly intimidating at first (intact I didnt really until the start of this year) but once I delved in I was so inspired and I've not looked back.

5. The inspiration. 

Not least from the community I'm part of but also in all I do, never have I felt more inspired. I've never really known what I wanted to do in life and I still don't but I know this is something I want to and can continue to grow. I'm so full of ideas, places I want to go and things I want to do and I feel free to do them.

While there's a lot to worry about in life, and there's always alot on my mind, this little blog makes me so happy and I don't think I've ever felt as contemt with life as I do now.

So I think I'll be sticking around a while. 


  1. Happy blogoversary (can we say that?) 🎉🤗
    I'm so glad I found your blog, and I can't wait to read more!
    Have a great day 😉

    1. Thank you, yes I think that can definitely be a thing haha.
      And you! That's made my day thank you!

  2. I started blogging a year ago, but I couldn't imagine that I would love it so much! Congratulations on your 2 years and I wish you more and more successful ones!


  3. Congratulations! Hope you have many more great years xx

    annie |

  4. Aw, this is totes emosh! So glad to have been a small part of your blogging adventure. Happy birthday It's Sarah Ann! Genuinely yours is one of my favourite blogs and I'm always checking back to see if there's a new post. Not even just saying it cos you're a pal! x

    1. Thank you Nina! I've loved having you a part of it, sooooo much! Love you!


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