Exmouth: Photo Diary

Ah Devon, ain't it a beauty!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know already that last weekend I was treated to a stay in the most beautiful house in Exmouth for some fun, friends, food, games, gin and some pretty fabulous fancy dress.

This annual 'Big House' event amongst some family friends saw us at Symonds Yat 2 years ago, to Totnes last year and this year we were back in Devon for a weekend in Exmouth, what a cracker it was. We got so lucky with the weather, Angus only hit us on Saturday afternoon which moved our post walk pub lunch indoors and prevented us hot tubbing in the evening, but that was fine - we were busy getting drunk and playing a load of games anyway..

Here's a little peek into our weekend away

Cooooome iiiin

Approximately 1.2seconds later we were forced inside due to the rain

It was London Underground themed fancy dress, I was a Ballerina for Covent Garden. 


This was cold. I wasn't brave enough. 

Bye Bye Beach House

Where should we go next? Where is your favourite place for a weekend away?

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