Thoughts on my Commute

As I write this it is 9.02, I have just boarded my train (my packed train) which was meant to arrive at 8.33.
When such a thing occurs, there are certain things that cross my mind, which I thought I'd share with you today. Something perhaps many train commuters will sympathise with

  1. What the f***
  2. What am I doing with my life, why am I here 
  3. I could be in bed right now
  4. I want to take my coat off cause it's bloody boiling on this train (but bloody freezing outside) but obviously there's not enough room - probably why it's so bloody boiling 
  5. Why can't we have double decker trains here. There is 10000000% x a million need for them and the prices 10000050% x a million justify them.
  6. I'm not reading your messages (I am reading your messages) 
  7. Someone else is probably reading this 
  8. Please can you not chomp your gum like a camel 
  9. Do you have to eat here. If you do, must you do it so loudly
  10. Please cover your mouth when you cough 
  11. Please cover your mouth when you yawn
  12. Please just don't open your mouth
  14. This is heaven, bitches be jealous
  15. Oh wait, we have a seat hog, a boundary crosser
  16. Please move your elbow, you're being unreasonably forceful. I don't want to invade your space as much as you don't want it invaded.  
  17. I don't know how many times I have to sigh loudly before you get it 
  18. Girl doing your makeup on the train I'm not staring at you cause I think you shouldn't be doing it on the train, I'm just hideously nosey and want to know what products you're using
  19. Your eyebrows tho - teach me 
  21. I don't know you but your conversation sounds interesting so I've turned off my music to listen
  23. My coffee is wearing off 
  24. Is it home time yet?
  25. Can you not keep hitting me with your bag
  26. Hold that page please I want to read my horoscope
  27. The sun is in my eyes. 
  28. What shall I have for dinner?
  29. What shall I have for lunch?
  30. When shall I have my first snack?
  31. I've got a headache
  32. THANK GOD - I'm at Waterloo! 
  33. Wait why have we stopped, can we get to the bloody platform please! Will this suffering ever end!
  34. Definite premature excitement
  35. Waterloo you smell like bacon today, much better than your usual eggy fart
  36. When I run down the stairs, how do my feet do that without falling - my brain is amazing! 
  37. Just a quick couple of stops on the tube
  38. Look down, look down, don't make eye contact
  39. They can smell fear
  40. I don't even want to think about the germs and bacteria on this bar
  41. Stop pushing we're all getting off here too
  42. Stand. On. The. Right. 
  43. Tourist you are slow, please move aside and let the real people do the walking 
  44. I FINALLY MADE IT TO WORK! I'd like to thank my mum and my dad, my first job at the bakery, my friends, my director, and everyone else that made this possible - not the train companies. You guys are utter shit (South West Trains I'm looking at you). 

So there we have it, a little snapshot of my brain from today's commute. Most I have every day. Travelling in London is fun.

Any stories or thoughts from your commute? Share them below!


  1. Haha! That was brilliant! I definitely don't envy your morning commute. Buses in Leeds used to drive insane.
    At least you can laugh at it now...until tomorrow! X

    1. Thank you Tina! Oh lordy I do hate a bus at times! But yes I will chuckle away until I do it all over again... waaaaah haha

  2. That was beyond hilarious. You are a great writer. Now I want to hear about your ride home... suppose I could just start reading backwards from the bacon bit.
    Xx Liba

    1. Thank you hahah! You don't want to know! But pretty much backwards from the bacon hahaha

  3. HAHAHHAHA this is hilarious! I'm so priegeldge to work so close to home that I don't have to go through this but nevertheless living in London, one could still relate! I just don't know how you all do it - great post though! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James |

    1. Thanks guys! Ah lucky you I am jealous! But I know you'll understand, It's the same on a weekend isn't it - nightmare.

  4. Haha, I loved reading this. I'm sooo not a public transportation fan because I'm just so used to driving around in my car. When I was at uni though, I used busses and street cars and man, I hated it so much. Tolally get your thoughts and glad you made it to work safely. haha :)

    xx Hailey - //

    1. Yeah for the most part public transport absolutely sucks! Haha. It would be fine if I could have my own private bus/train - sort of defeats the point I suppose....

  5. Omg I would hate to commute to London. Transport in Yorkshire is bad enough! Definitely recognise the seat hogs though!

    1. When it's not delayed or full it's great... that doesn't happen often though hahaha

  6. This reminds me of when I was in Manhattan and my commutes were similar with packed trains, trains behind schedule and people reading over my shoulder!

    S .x


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