The Best of 2016

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Seeing as we're right at the end of the year now, I wanted to take a minute or two to reflect on my year and the best bits of the year. Aside from Brexit, Trump, all the terrorism, all the untimely celebrity deaths, etc. etc. 2016 wasn't the worst year... not for me anyway.

Here are just a few of my absolute favourite things from throughout this year

My Travels

Last year I didn't go on holiday at all! I was fresh out of uni, new to a job and new to living in london, there wasn't any spare cash for getting away, so this year I was determined to get out more. I went to Amsterdam in January with some friends, it was absolutely brilliant! Then in the summer my boyfriend and I went to Croatia and then later Valencia, again with some friends. It was an absolutely glorious summer and felt like it went on forever, also one I probably won't be able to replicate in 2017 as the focus now is saving money but I feel I had enough to last me a little while longer.

One of my very best friends got married!

One of my friends from school got married during the summer, it was an absolutely stunning day, both because of the bride and groom but also the weather and all the antics that come with it. I also did the make up for the bridal party, which was such a privilege, I know how important it is to feel lovely and confident on such a special day and make up is a big part of that. I was so touched that she trusted me enough to do it for her.

Developing my corner of the internet

Last year blogging was a hobby I did now and then, perhaps just once or twice a month if that. This year I really wanted to put a bit of effort in, I really wanted to try and get something up once a week. I started feeling really proud of my blog and wanting to put more and more effort in. I've tried to better my content, my photography, my design and I really do feel it's starting to pay off and I'm quite chuffed with myself to be honest. I've been so touched by all the love, the collaborations I've been lucky enough to do and events I've been invited to. I only hope I can continue to better it in 2017.

The Blogger Picnic in the Park

Part and parcel of putting effort into my blog has meant I've ended up making new friends in the blogging world, I really wanted to meet some of those friends in real life. I got some of them together to help me throw my very first blogging event. This event was the Blogger Picnic in the Park (#BloggerPitP) I couldn't get over the support from everyone and how much of a success it turned out to be, it was such a glorious day (once the rain stopped, thank god!) filled with glorious people. Thank you to everyone that came and helped, and the brands that supported us, I can't wait for round 2 in 2017! Keep your eyes peeled!

My new friends

I've been fornunate enough to meet some incredible people in the blogging world, both in real life and virtually, but there's a special little bunch that are real real life long (I hope) friends. Mel, Effi, Hannah, Gwennan and Nina or 'the squad with no name' are just the most special girls. I roped them in to help me with the Picnic and they happily obliged and got stuck right in, I truly couldn't have done it without them! I'm still yet to meet Effi and Nina in person as they couldn't make the picnic (BUT they still helped organise it!! Amazing right?!) but as soon as I met up with the rest of them, immediately it was as if they were long time friends and we were just seeing each other after a few days or something, so bizarre. We've now moved into a Whatsapp group chat where we talk pretty much daily about crap, life, secrets, all sorts, we have plans for a weekend away which fills me with so much excitement. I love these girls so much and I'm so glad we've found each other.

I've got some very exciting things happening and planned for 2017, I can't wait to share it all with you here. Thank you again for anyone that takes the time to read or comment on my little blog, it genuinely means the world. See you in 2017 for all kinds of new adventures!


  1. My wedding got mentioned in a blog #MadeIt

    1. #famouser
      It was a definite highlight so I had to share. Love you!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, what great highlights of your year and so glad to have been a part of one of them! Can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for you!

    Jessica & James |

    1. Thank you!! It was great to meet you this year, hopefully see you again at PitP round 2?! Happy New Year :)

  3. Love you girl!! Thanks for being a part of my 2016, definite highlight!!

    Hannah xx

    1. Ditto x a million! Love you too and can't wait to see you again this year!

  4. Awh I'm glad you had such a lovely year, your photography is great! I would have loved to have gone to an event like that picnic, it looked so lovely. It'll be great to see you blog more this year too as your posts are of such good quality ~ still don't feel pressured to write when you don't want, go with what you want :) xx

    1. Thank you! It was a great fun event, maybe you could come to the next one we do?


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