Instagram accounts that deserve more recognition

In our little WhatsApp group chat, myself and the picnic gang were discussing what a mess instagram is and how some of our favourite accounts don't have the followings they deserve and how some huge accounts are actually a little bit pants... So I wanted to give a shout out to some of my favourite accounts, just a few that I think should have many more followers than they do. If you don't follow them already, do it now - you won't be disappointed!

Flick, @TheyCalledItTheDiamondBlog
Not only is her feed flipping fab, her stories are a highlight of my day. She's just bought a house, her decorating and cooking in some contraption that is not an oven but sort of is an oven makes for highly entertaining content. She's so funny so make sure you have your sound on when watching. Flick, you should totally vlog because I could watch you all day - in the least stalkery way..

Sarirah, @PrettyNotInc
I have always loved Sarirah's beautiful photographs, she just seems to have a way with the camera and I need her to teach me. I'm absolutely loving the dark greens and moody shadows she seems to be focusing on at the moment. She's just started a hashtag, #capturemessy, capturing the beauty in the wildness and mess of nature and slow living, which I totally love! It's totally inspired me to go out and capture the beauty in the mess.

Nia, @TheCardiffCwtch

I'm seriously loving Nia's feed right now, the touches of yellow and green, plus her stories of her little puppy Bungle are too much for me!
Puppies, delicious looking snacks, nature and flowers - what is not to love?

Anna, @MadeUpStyle
Anna's blog is incredible! So is her Instagram, I love seeing her latest DIY's, they make me want to buy out hobby craft and make everything! Those thrown in with an array of other shots makes for one happy feed!

Allie, @RushandTeal

I love the way Allie edits her pictures, with moody cool tones. Everything looks slightly muted yet still vibrant somehow. She also has a teeny little pet hedgehog which features occasionally and makes me die over how cute it is.

Who are your favourites on Instagram? Share the love in the comments so we can all go and follow them too! 



  1. those are indeed awesome Instagram accounts! Great suggestions

  2. I love these posts, it's always great to find new accounts and blogs to follow!

    1. Same! I always think it's a nice way to find new people :)

  3. I love these kinds of posts! I think I followed 90% of these babes' Instgram accounts and blogs! Thank you for sharing 😄


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