More Netflix Series You Need to Start Right Now

To me, there are few joys in life that compare to a good series binge on Netflix with a good glass of sauvignon and some snacks (cake or chocolate please, but I'm not fussy). Hopefully by now you've watched all my recommendations from my previous post, so I'm back with some more!

Currently I've been loving:

Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore. What a bloody hotty. This is just one of those series that is just plain stupid but I love it. Drew's character randomly finds herself as some kind of zombie, there is no explanation of how she ended up that way (maybe that will be revealed in later series' - I hope so, also that's not a spoiler is it? I don't think so...) normally there's the standard bitten by something or someone, or scientific mistake or mysterious virus but nope, just a zombie.  Sheila and her husband have to figure out a way to feed her which becomes more and more problematic for them as they live next door to a policeman and a sheriff, plus you know... eating people is sort of wrong and frowned upon anyway soo... It's really light hearted and, although quite gory, it's a silly sort of gory. If you liked iZombie you'll like this!

The Crown

I'm a real fan of the monarchy actually, I think it's lovely and I love all the history that surrounds it. Plus I'm super nosy so this the perfect series for me. Even though the dialogue and scenes are of course dramatised for the program and not accurate (I'm sure our Liz doesn't transcript every conversation she's ever had) it's still such an interesting insight into the start of her reign and life as a monarch, it's only made me admire her more. Also, as a series this is absolutely beautifully put together and well worth all the money they spent on it (it was a lot apparently).


I'm currently watching this and LOVING it. It's got a little bit of a Pretty Little Liars vibe in that it's a high school based murder mystery rather than the A aspect, full of complicated relationships and stories going on simultaneously full of twists and turns (not at all in that annoying way of PLL though...). I'm currently addicted but the episodes currently come to Netflix weekly, which I ABSOLUTELY HATE because I need to watch it all right now. There's only been 6 episodes so far so I can't give a more thorough insight but if you like a bit of teen drama with a twist then this is for you! I think it'll be the next big thing now that PLL is finally coming to an end so it's a good new series to get into I reckon. 


I'd not heard this mentioned by anyone or seen anything about it anywhere but I was desperately scouring Netflix for a new series when I was unwell last week. I read 'a mysterious virus starts killing off adults in the small town of pretty lake' and thought yes! That will do nicely! I love apocalyptic stuff... very entertaining... So I mean that tells you what you need to know to start watching really, basically a virus starts killing everyone over the age of 22 and the kids and young adults are left trapped in this quarantined town to fend for themselves. It's full of conspiracy and twists, once I got through the first few episodes I got so into it, so much so I've now finished season 2 and I'm patiently (read frantically) waiting for them to release season 3. Now, I googled when this would come out and I can't find an awful lot, It doesn't sound like it's been made yet as it's not been that well recieved (maybe it would have if people knew it existed jus sayin) so if everyone could watch it for me, they'll see it's popular and I get to see what happens next please, small favour, worth it I promise it's actually really good, cheers, ta very much.


Not a series but I have found myself stumbling upon lot's of great comedienne's tour episodes on Netflix. First the most recent one I've watched is Katherine Ryan, I love her, I just think she's absolutely hilarious. Whenever she's on a panel show she has me in stitches and this is no exception. Some others include Ali Wong, Jen Kirkman and Iliza Shlesinger, all as equally hilarious and I'd thoroughly recommend them if you fancy a bit of a laugh.

As in my last post about my Netflix series to watch I've tried not to spoil anything, anything I've said you find out in the first episode anyway.

I'm going to have to start doing re runs of my favourites soon because I really am running low on the 'what can I watch next' front so I'd love some suggestions! I'd also love to know if you watch/watched any of these so I've got someone to talk to about with (or if you need someone to be like OHHHMMMYGGGGGOD EPISODE 3 WAAAAAH - then feel free to tweet me just that)

Leave me your favourites in the comments!

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  1. 'Between' completely sounds like my kind of thing, now I want Netflix back! Have you watched Stranger Things? xx

    Wander with Laura


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