Bullet Journal Flip Through and Updates

I am so into my bullet journal right now. I'm using it for absolutely everything, I keep it on my bedside table, refer to it almost daily, fill out my trackers and plan ahead.
Since my last post in January I have made a couple of changes to the way I'm doing things. Mostly my weekly spreads. I wanted to share a bit of a flip through and talk through what has been working really well for me recently and what I've ditched along the way.

So update on the Leuchttrum, I absolutely LOVE it! The dotted pages make it easier than ever to lay things out, I often don't use a ruler anymore and free hand things. If I'm separating the page into sections for whatever reason I don't need to measure, I can just count along the dots. I definitely think when the time comes that I run out I will 100% be repurchasing and I can definitely see why it's the most popular option for other bullet journallers out there. It's totally worth the slightly higher price tag than your regular note pad because it's such amazing quality and a joy to use. The built in index (and page numbers) is something I now thoroughly appreciate too!

What's New

Taking a leaf out of Gwennan's book (literally), monthly look aheads and habit tracking have had a slight alteration. When moving from my past bujo to this new one in January I kept my look aheads and habit trackers almost exactly the same, at the start of each month I'd do a fancy title, spend ages agonising over getting my habit tracker all layed out nice. Now although I did really like the layout and I really liked getting creative with the titles, it was holding me back from consistently bullet journalling because it was time consuming to put together, and not very practical to expect myself to do it at the start of each month.  

So now, I've pre-plotted each months look ahead and habit tracking spreads ready to go as soon as the month rolls around. They all sit together now, so I can also quickly and easily flip between them to compare or pre-plan ahead. It's working so much better for me because before if there was something going on in a few months time, I wouldn't have anywhere to put it. Now I can jot it down and not have to worry or forget when the time comes around. 


Another change inspired by Gwennan (seriously, check out her bujo tho) is much simpler weekly spreads. Previously I drew out a fancy layout each week, again very impractical and hindered my use enormously. I'd have empty days and then overflowing days and it wasn't working for me and really I was wasting space. Now, I can merge days if I have tasks that don't have a particular date and when I have a particularly busy day I can dedicate as much space as I need. I actually really like the way it looks too and it's so much less high maintenance. I think that's been the biggest change that's really enhanced my use of my bullet journal. Previously I didn't feel free rein to dedicate pages to something 'not pretty' but last week I took it to a meeting and took notes over a double page spread, but it was the best place for it because I knew I'd want to refer to it and my following weeks spread is next to it. 

What I've ditched

Unnecessary fancy spreads - I still appreciate some pretty lettering, a nice banner and some doodles dotted around here and there, but I'm trying to create a much lower maintenance bullet journal so it's about substance over style going forwards, with style chucked in when I have the time. 

Feeling bad for going wrong - or for being messy. Sometimes my handwriting isn't as neat, sometimes I use a different pen and the inks don't all match, sometimes I have to cross something out, or sometimes I simply write on a page with no fancy title or whatever - and that is a-ok! At the end of the day it's a bloody notebook not a piece of art.. and it needs to work for what I need it to do. 

I'm feeling really happy with it right now, I feel very on top of things and excited to carry on with it, I don't feel burdened to make it look fancy and lovely, but I feel it does anyway. I'd love some more ideas for pages though, beyond weekly and monthly planning, and habit tracking. 

Do you have any suggestions? Leave them for me in the comments!


  1. I love your bullet journal so much! I have something similar to your habit tracker, but now that I've seen yours, I realise how large and unnecessary I have made mine. Yours is so much more efficient!

    I am also currently using a completely blank notebook, since it was just sitting around going unused, but once I've used it up I might have to invest in a Leuchttrum. It really is incredibly time consuming to have to rule everything up constantly! This post was super inspiring, thanks for letting us have a look into your bullet journal ☺️


    1. Thank you Indya! I'm so thrilled that it has inspired you! It's so easy to go over the top sometimes but streamlining it makes it much easier to keep on top of! Good idea, nothing worse than a wasted notebook but once it's used up I would recommend a Leuchtturm if you get the use out of your bullet journal to warrant it!


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