The London Insta-walk: Photo Diary

Last Friday myself and Gwennan (Twenty Something Meltdown) embarked on a little road trip to London to meet with Sarirah (Pretty Not Included) and Mel (Melberryy) for an Insta-walk. A missed turning, a wee bit of traffic, a sausage roll, and a good old gossip later we arrived in London ready to photograph the day away.

Usually getting friends together to do something is about as difficult as quantum physics, well not Sarirah, Gwennan and Mel (and Hannah should have been meeting us too but she couldn't make it in the end), it was just about the quickest and easiest meet up to organise ever! We discussed going somewhere pretty and quickly whittled the list down to Petersham Nurseries and the Isabella Plantation at Richmond Park: 'how about next week?' 'that works' 'ok see you there', you wouldn't have even believed it - it's unprecedented!

Gwennan came over from Wales to mine, just outside Bristol, bright and early, then we tootled on up the M4 and started our day at Petersham Nurseries. It's pretty much the most beautiful, most photogenic place going, a bloggers heaven.

It was great going with bloggers, because they don't judge you when you stand on a chair to take pictures of your food.

We then took a short drive through Richmond Park to the Isabella Plantation to catch the last of the Camellia, Rhododendron and Magnolia blossoms before the flowers leave us for good. It was such a treat and we took full advantage, stopping for longer than is normal to take pictures in every nook and cranny.

I can't wait for our next little Insta-walk, do you have any recommendations for where we should go next? If so, leave them in the comments!


  1. I honestly think you frame and capture images the way I WISH I could but just don't have the vision/amazing camera to do so.

    Can't wait to see all your other photos!! <3

    1. You are too kind missy! Thank you! (It's all the camera really haha)

  2. It's always great when everybody's schedule align and you can actually make plans! Sometimes it's a breeze to do, and other times it is so incredibly difficult that you end up meeting at really obscure places at strange times just so you're able to spend some time together!

    These photos are all so gorgeous, it looks like such a lovely place to spend your day out ☺️

    1. It was such a happy coincidence that we were all free! It can be so difficult but it's always worth making the effort!

      Thanks so much lovely, it was a beautiful day :)


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