Why You MUST Vote

You know they said the EU referendum would be the most important vote in our lifetime? Turns out it'll be this one, this general election is just over 1 months time. The one where the decisions made by whoever 'wins' will be final and irreversible.

With just 1 month until the flash election it's time to start thinking about voting, who you're going to vote for, checking your registered etc. because a month can fly by in the blink of an eye.

It's important that absolutely everyone votes, after all - we all live in this country! Even if you have absolutely no interest in politics there are decisions made on your behalf that affect your life daily, and will affect your future and the future of generations to come! So it's so so so important that you have some kind of say in that. It's particularly important for our generation though (assuming if you're reading this you're more than likely around my age, somewhere in the 'young person' category - if not, hi Mum) because we have had such a poor turn out in the past, only 43% of us turned up to the general election in 2015!

You have until 22 May to register to vote

But registering is such an effort I don't have time..

Wrong, it honestly takes two minutes. I recently changed address so I have registered just before writing this post. All you need is your name, date of birth, address, national insurance number, and you tick a few boxes - that's pretty much it.. Do it now!

But I really have no interest in politics

So you're not interested in your pay? Or taxes? You're not interested in equality and rights? You're not interested in health care? Education? The environment? Transport? Immigration? Politics affects everything you do, daily, and it will impacts the future of your children (should you choose to have them) and other family members, and friends, and many many many others! You're voting for the best life for them too.

But I don't agree with any of the parties/politicians...

If you can't bring yourself to vote for anyone because you don't agree with them, that's fine too but don't use that as an excuse not to turn up. SPOIL YOUR BALLOT! This is where you scribble somewhere on the ballot paper, even leave it totally blank and pop it in the box. Spoiled ballots are also read out at the count so your apathy towards all parties will be heard rather than ignored as just another of the millions of disengaged non voters. You're not protesting against the establishment by not turning up, but you could with a blank or spoilt ballot.

But my area is a safe seat, my vote won't make a difference anyway

Same here! But it does make a difference, giving smaller parties support could lead to electoral reform where instead of this first past the post method currently used, we might see more proportional representation. If you want to see change you need to prove there's a demand for other parties in your area and in Parliament. Plus, what if everyone just gave up, there would never be change. There's also the fact that if the other candidates don't get enough votes they loose money which might prevent them from campaigning in future, more votes means more funding. No vote is a waste!

But politicians don't make any effort with me...

Yeah and they will continue not to if they think none of us care. They engage with 'older' generations because they turn up in much higher numbers to vote, they can be the difference between one way or another (just look at what happened in the EU referendum ..not that I'm bitter...)

But I'm busy on the day...

There are options, postal and proxy! If you can, try and get a proxy where someone goes on your behalf and votes as if they were you. So you tell someone you trust what you would like them to vote on your behalf and they will. I say this because I've heard that on occasions postal votes don't reach the count in time or get lost in the post etc. and therefore aren't counted. You'll need to fill out a form and send it to your local election office in time (and find someone willing) but it's worth the effort. 

That's not even going into the fact that so many people lost their lives to give us the right to vote, and so many people in other countries still are losing they're lives, many still cannot vote. We're in such a fortunate and privileged position, make sure you use it.

Don't just do nothing!

I'm going to follow up this vote with a bit of a break down of the parties to help you in your decision in who to vote for, much like I did for the EU referendum last year which proved very popular, so stay tuned for that! Be sure you're following me on Bloglovin so you never miss a post. 

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