Glastonbury Festival: Photo Diary

This time last week... I was waking up on my deflating blow up bed, covered in glitter, listening to the rain patter down on the tent, munching on a chocolate belvita. Oh to be back there now...
Glastonbury 2017 was really my first ever festival, I'd been quite nervous beforehand worrying if the festival life was for me because I'm not a massive fan of big crowds and crushes in clubs and concerts and things but I absolutely loved it more than I could have ever imagined.

I'd worried about the lack of showering and how much everyone would stink, but none of us smelt at all and those baby wipes did more than I could have hoped for. I'd worried about the lack of flushing/clean toilets, but they were all much cleaner than I'd expected, the compost toilets were almost pleasurable to use, though few and far between, and don't get me started on my love of the shewees and female urinals - more of those next time please! No fair that boys get urinals on every corner, we want them too!

I think for my first Glasto experience (and festival experience) we were INCREDIBLY lucky with the weather. Although the first day was absolutely vile and far far too hot (so hot that when a cloud went over the sun the entire site cheered - I mean that when I say the whole site, I've never heard anything like it). The rest of it was absolutely perfect, between 18 and 25, a bit cloudy, a bit of sun, a bit of drizzle, and there was no mud - you definitely could have gotten away with not taking wellies.

I don't even know where to start with highlights the whole thing was absolutely insane. I couldn't have wished for a better group to be there with, every act we saw was absolutely brilliant and although I'm sad I missed some others I have no regrets over who we did see. The three top acts for me were probably Foo Fighters, The Killers and Ed Sheeran. I basically cried through every other Ed song, he was beautiful.

As a group we got progressively more and more glittery as the days went on, we totally could have started our own Gypsy Shrine with the amount we had.

THE FOOD OH GOSH THE FOOOD. There was sooo much to choose from, wraps, burgers, roast dinners, noodles, curries, paella, tagines, pizza, and more more more. Among my favourites were the sausages and mash with gravy - that was something special. The mac and cheese I had was incredible too.. my halloumi and falafel pitta, cause halloumi! What else what else.. OH I had a toastie one night with chorizo in it - it was incredible! The only things I didn't have that I wish I had was a curry, a pad thai and a roast in a giant yorkshire pud. I got so much food envy at every turn but you couldn't possible try everything.


The morning sausage bap from the Campsite Cafe
Not having to put up our tent on the hottest day of the year (thanks Sam and Bill)
The unofficial 'hippy path' that guided us to our tent
Getting into The Killers secret set
Running into a random tent when it started raining and thoroughly enjoying the Irish folk band playing within it
Chameleon Bar
Female urinals
When your friends miraculously find you in the crowd at the pyramid stage thanks to a picture of flag you're near
The cloud that went over the sun on the Wednesday
The man that sprayed us with water while we were queuing for water on the Wednesday
Going on Alex's shoulders
Did I say glitter
Everything else


The heat on the first day - it must have been 33 degrees
Getting a friction burn on the helter-skelter
Getting into a crush trying to get from Arcadia to The Park
Getting into a crush trying to get from Craig David to Busted
Missing Busted
The long drop toilets
Sore feet at the end
Coming home

I have such glasto blues, once I'd had my forty minute shower when I got home I just sat on my bed feeling sad and wanting to be drunk and covered in glitter some more.


These are for sure not my best ever photos, and for sure I could have taken more, but I just didn't want to - so I hope you enjoy the few I did take. 

What's your favourite festival and what's your favourite part? Let me know in the comments


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