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'ello strangers!!

I feel like I've very much lost touch with blogging this year, I alluded to the fact lots had been going on and life got in the way in my Bullet Journal post back in January (sorry it's August now?? Where has this year gone!) I wasn't ready to go into it then, but LOT'S has happened since then, my goodness that wasn't even the half of it.

At the beginning of the year, things weren't going so great for me, I'm going to cut to the crap - long story short the big thing that instigated all the upheaval was that my relationship of over 4 years came to an end. This meant moving out of the home I'd shared with someone for 2 years in South West London, leaving my job, moving back in with my parents, in Somerset - hence leaving the job, I was back and forth for 2-3 months both working my notice and moving things back - quite the ordeal. To be honest it felt like everything in my life had gone down the toilet and I had no idea where to even start. 

I wasn't in a position (mentally) to think about staying in London and moving into a house share and carrying on in my job, to be honest, I'm glad I didn't. I don't miss London at all... the only thing I miss is sushi on every corner and Richmond park but I can get over that...

Thinking back, the two years I spent in London were the most unhappy years of my life, don't get me wrong, I don't regret it! The things I experienced and opportunities I had from my job, from blogging, the places I went, the things I did were incredible but I wasn't myself... I was incredibly lonely... I was down all the time, I had no motivation to do anything, no energy, it literally took the life and soul out of me. I was depressed - and I don't use that lightly. 

As soon as I moved back to the West Country I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I knew that I would be happy - and you know what, right now, today, I've never been happier in all my life! 

When I got back 'home', I started my job search. In London I'd been working as a Consultant at a PR agency in Soho, I'd taken over the internal communications for one of our clients and absolutely loved it and decided that was the route I wanted to take. In the end I got put in touch with the most incredible company through a recruitment agency (Fishtank - highly recommend if you're in the PR/Marketing industry) and I got the job at Home - the most amazing internal communications agency I could have ever hoped for, I've been there coming up to 3 months now and it's just been incredible so far. Honestly, if I could have written a job for me - it exceeds that. 

I've also recently moved into THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FLAT YOU'VE EVER SEEN (all the interior posts to come, just you wait) but I'm still without wifi so you'll have to bear with a little bit on the sporadic post front (I'm currently hot spotting to get this up). 

I've started new hobbies, things I'd have never dreamed of doing before - mostly I didn't feel I had the time or money. I've started pottery classes (which are probably the best thing ever and the highlight of my week), I'm running semi-regularly and have plans to run a half marathon, I'm planning to start bouldering too in the next couple of weeks. I feel like I have so much energy now and I just want to be out doing things and I'm loving it! 

I feel like in the weirdest of ways, everything happened at the perfect time, and although I had a shit few months, I've come out the other side and I feel better than ever. I am so super duper excited about what the future holds, and I can't wait to document it here. So - I'm back, better than ever with lots of ideas, so get excited - YAY!

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