Bloggers Party in a Barn ft. Talking Tables

So everyone always tells you 'don't meet up with people you met on the internet'. Not only did I meet up with them, I went on a bloomin' holiday with them and, spoiler alert, I had the best time!

These lovely ladies first came into my life in the form of twitter chats, they kept popping up in my notifications and had me cackling all the time. So when I decided to throw the Blogger Picnic in the Park I had it in my mind that I wanted them all there, so I made a little DM group and basically told them they were coming and to let me know when they could all do and that would be the date. I ended up roping them in to help me organise it too, they're the best.

So in the run up to the picnic we talked A LOT, mostly picnic or blog related at that point. When those of us that could go to the picnic (Effi couldn't in the end) arrived, it was as if we'd been friends forever just seeing each other after a week or a day, it was bizarre. After the picnic, we carried on chatting, still mostly bloggy stuff initially but then in turned into anything (I mean anything) and everything (I mean ev.ery.thing) to the point where I'd consider them among my best pals in the world!

Unfortunately another picnic wasn't to be this year (fear not - PitP2k18 will be fierce) but we had to see each other again - ever so romantic - so we decided to book a little holibobs in the Great British countryside.

We opted for the, awfully appropriately named, Party Barn in Hampshire - this is where the 'staycation' got interesting. When we realised it was going to be around Melberry's birthday we decided to throw her a surprise party with the help of the absolute angels at Talking Tables.

We discussed plans in a private WhatsApp group, all very secretive, coming up with alibis, fake plans, excuses for things so Mel wouldn't find out. Effi (who actually couldn't come to the picnic but still agreed to come on holiday with us - what a hero), Gwennan and I arrived early to decorate the place with all the fabulous, fancy, glitzy bits from Talking Tables ready for the VIP arrival.

The Party 

Our star baker, Gwennan beavered away on putting together a delicious cake with all the trimmings including handmade little models of each of our faces for Mel's cake, which kept us chuckling away, while Effi and I went to town on putting decorations, lights, balloons, tassels, the works, all over the already beautiful little barn.

After our expertly executed plan came together the partying could commence. Far from wild but such fun, we ate so much delicious food, lots of lovely gin, lots of prosecco pong and lots of picture taking - we are bloggers after all..

We stayed up late over deep chats and gin, it was fabulous. Having only met Gwennan and Mel a handful of times, Hannah once before and the first time we'd met Effi, we got on like a house on fire. It was so natural, no awkwardness, no dominating friend, no disagreements. For a bunch of random girls dragged together, all of us different in so many ways, I think it's amazing and I just couldn't be happier to call this amazing bunch my friends.

The Pool Party

We were lucky enough to find ourselves an AirBnB that had a whopping great heated indoor pool, one of our greatest achievements, so after the party came the pool party. An occasion made extra special with some utterly fabulous Talking Tables inflatables!

We already have plans to do the same thing again, and plans to make it a regular occurrence - when we can get a date in the diary!

I'm sure you know them well by now but do go and check out my fave gals:

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Effi: Sparkle Berry

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Mel: Melberryy

And of course check out Talking Tables for their incredible range of decorations! #notspon just love'm - too excited about their Christmas ranges right now, have a nose!

*Some items mentioned in this post were kindly gifted to us by Talking Tables but all love is entirely my own*


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