Trick or Treat

You'll know by now I love ANY excuse for a party. Halloween is absolutely no exception. What better time than when in a spooky house in the middle of nowhere for the weekend.

The annual 'Big House' weekend saw the 20 of us (us being my family and 4 other families) at Symonds Yat in 2014, Totnes in 2015, Exmouth last year and beautiful Abergavenny this year.

Each year we have a different fancy dress theme for the Saturday night. Being so close to Halloween and in a house like that it was only fitting that it was made this years theme. The house itself, a gothic revival townhouse, was absolutely incredible - perfect for a spooktacular weekender. It was just the type of place you imagine a horror film being set in, although it was beautiful inside, not remotely haunting - thank goodness!

When it comes to decorating, I am no stranger to going to absolute town in making things as festive as possible, whatever the occasion might be. Halloween however, is always one of the most fun. The dimmed lights, spooky spider webs, carved pumpkin lanterns. But these skeletal pieces courtesy of Talking Tables win it for me. They kindly sent over an immense package of all sorts beautiful garlands, hanging decorations and tableware.

Skeleton Crew Mr & Mrs Bones Hanging Decoration (£9.99), Skeleton Crew Bug Scatter (£3.49), Baroque Skeleton Napkins (£3.49), Creep it Real Napkins (£3.49), Skeleton Crew Napkins (£3.49)

Skeleton Crew Garland (£6.99), Skeleton Crew Photo Booth (£8.99)

Baroque Skeleton Masks (£6.49)Skeleton Crew Hanging Bugs (£8.99)

The masks on the window looked so spooky in the dark. I loved the ornateness of the skeletons, they were ever so fancy! Such classy accessories, what skeleton wouldn't want to wear a beret or a bow tie?

Baroque Skeleton Skull Garland (£7.40)

It wouldn't be Halloween without a pumpkin. Although pulling out the innards is bloody awful (I miss the days where my mum would do that bit for me) it's got to be one of the best bits. Inspired by the day of the dead style Halloween decorations from Talking Tables, I opted to carve my pumpkin as a sugar skull.

How are you carving your pumpkin? And how will you be celebrating Halloween? 

*The decorations mentioned in this post were kindly sent to me by Talking Tables. All love of garlands and Halloween is entirely my own*

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