Franco Manca comes to Bristol

When I moved back to Bristol from London I was absolutely gutted that I wouldn't be able to indulge in my regular Franco Manca fixes. So when my flatmate tagged me in Bristol Post's Facebook post about them opening a restaurant here I could barely contain my excitement.

If you're not familiar with the chain, they started out life in Brixton offering cheap, delicious sourdough pizzas. They made their way around London and have since started looking outside of the big city.

So, after voicing my excitement to Franco Manca about their latest venture, they kindly invited me along to their soft launch to try out the menu.

We kicked things off with a little tipple, I opted for an Aperol spritz because I'm mourning summer, and some green olives. They were so plump and juicy, we polished off the bowl in seconds. We followed that with some burrata and some focaccia too!

We probably should have each gone for a different pizza so we could swap a piece or two but we both went for number 7, featuring spicy lamb sausage, mozzarella, ricotta, yellow piennolo tomatoes and fresh basil *drool* (I shouldn't be writing this so close to dinner time). It was absolutely delicious!! The flavour combos were fab and the sourdough base is a personal fave, I much prefer it to a traditional base. It was perhaps a little soggier in the middle than I'm used to or prefer, but I'll put that down to opening night teething problems.

We finished things off by splitting the lemon almond cake and the chocolate hazelnut cake (when I say split, I guess I mean I got jealous of the chocolate hazelnut cake, definitely the superior of the two, and helped myself to half) I've never left anywhere feeling more full, or more content.

All in all it was a really great evening with great food, we polished off every morsel with delight. If you're a pizza fan, they've opened in a few places outside of London now, Brighton, Southhampton, Oxford and a few more. If you happen to pass one don't pass it by, pop in for a delicious bargain of a pizza! Check out their menu, if it doesn't make your mouth water we're going to have a falling out.

Welcome to the West Country Franco Manca! Thanks for a fab evening.

*The meal described in this post was free of charge in exchange for review. All pizza love is entirely my own*

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