Gin-gle all the way

If you'll pardon the pun...
Maybe second behind my love of Christmas, comes my love of gin! This time of year is the perfect excuse to crack open my favourites and experiment with new mixtures, three of which I'm sharing with you! 

If you love gin at all you are going to LOVE these, even if you don't, I think I could well convert you. Dust off that cocktail shaker, grab your favourite gin, a mix up a storm in your kitchen - perfect if you've got a party coming up. 

No. 1: 6 o'clock Clementine Sour

I'm kicking things of with my favourite, if you try no other cocktail this year please try this one, it's utterly divine and I think it's going to be my go to... Why just have a gin and tonic at home when you can go the extra mile and have this? It'd be rude not to I say. 

I'd discovered 6 o'clock gin earlier this year, and it's since become a favourite, so when I was researching what might go with it I discovered this recipe on their website and simply couldn't not share it!

What you will need

> 50ml 6 o'clock Gin
> 10ml Cointreau
> 25ml Clementine juice
> 25ml Lemon juice
> 25ml Winter spice syrup (sugar syrup infused with cinnamon, cloves and star anise)
> 1 Egg white

You'll want to start things off by making your sugar syrup, which is very simple to make, 2 parts water (2 cups) to 1 part sugar (1 cup) with a cinnamon stick, a couple of cloves and a little star anise, simply simmer until all the sugar has dissolved. Leave to cool completely before using.

Prepare your juices, 1 large clementine will give you plenty, as will 1 lemon.

Now add all your ingredients to a cocktail shaker, including a nice fresh egg white (that's what makes it lovely and rich and frothy). Shake without ice first, then add the ice and shake again.

When the shaker starts to feel uncomfortably cold, it's ready!

Strain into a lovely glass, preferably a coupe glass but a martini glass (or anything) will do, top with a crumble of cinnamon bark and voila! Honestly, the most DELISH cocktail you'll taste this Christmas- you're welcome.

No. 2: Peach Gin Buck

I absolutely love the warmth you get from ginger, so I had to do one with a little ginger ale thrown in.

What you will need

> 50ml Gin
> 50ml Peach puree
> Ginger ale
> Crushed ice

Start by making your peach puree. Peel and stone two peaches and blend into a puree. Pass through a sieve and add 50ml to a tumbler.

Add your gin and mix together. Fill the glass with crushed ice and top up with ginger ale.

It's really just that easy to get the yummy warm fuzzy feeling.

No. 3: Festive G & T

It's a classic. A simple refreshing little beverage with an extra wee bit of garnish to add a festive little touch. 

What you will need

> 50ml Gin
> Tonic
> Cranberries 
> Rosemary

Yeah ok Sarah, everyone know how to make a bloody G & T but what's really special about this little beauty is the festive little ice cubes. They'll make your otherwise simple little drink have a real wow factor! 

Ahead of drinking, put some sprigs of rosemary and a couple of cranberries into an ice cube tray and use a jug to gently fill to the top with water then pop them in the freezer. 
Top tip: boiling water freezes quicker than cold water (science yah) and gives you clearer cubes

Once they're solid pop them out into your favourite glass, with another sprig of rosemary and a couple of loose cranberries. Pour over a double measure of your favourite gin and top with your favourite tonic - for me it always has to be Fever Tree, how cute are these little cans!

That's it! Just beaut, festive and delicious! 


What's you're drink of choice this party season? How do you drink your gin? I'd love to know! 

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