Handmade Foraged Christmas Wreath

If you know me at all you'll know that I bloody love Christmas!! As soon as I've had my summer holiday I'm ready and waiting (impatiently) for the festive season.

And what screams Christmas more than a wreath. A tree.. ok, a tree but then a wreath! For me, it just has to be the real thing! But the real thing can set you back a small fortune! So I'm going to share with you how I made mine for less than a tenner. No really, less that a tenner!!

What you will need

> A wreath ring - I used a ready made one from Lidl (£5) but you can get moss or wire ones for less than a fiver.
> Scissors
> Gold spray paint
> Foraged foliage
> Floristry wire

You want to start by foraging for bits and pieces to go on your wreath. You can certainly buy things but why bother when there's a bush round the corner. If like me you buy a ready made plain wreath ring then you're off to a great start and you won't need much at all, but if you've got a moss or wire one you'll want plenty to cover it.

Any evergreen foliages look great! Use bits from the bottom of your Christmas tree, conifer from the bush at the end of your garden, ivy from the path down the road, use it all!! Contrasting textures is definitely the way to go. Add in herbs for more contrasting textures and for aroma. Use berries for a pop of colour. Go extra by spray painting some leaves, I went for a metallic gold.

Gather each different ingredient in little piles. Using a little bit of each make little bundles. Put the bulkier evergreens at the back of the bundle, these will lay against the wreath, then the berries, herbs, any smaller foliage and anything jazzy nearer the front.

Wrap the bottom of the bundles with a little wire, leaving enough either side to allow you to wrap it round your wreath and secure. Lay each little bundle around the wreath, twisting the wire underneath the wreath to secure. Again if your using a moss or wire one, you'll want to start with bulkier evergreen bundles, layer those up first and then come back to your decorative ones.

Keep working your way around, ensuring the top of each bundle is covering any unsightly bottoms of the previous one. When you get to your last bundle, tuck it's bottom underneath your first one and secure.

At this point you can add in some pinecones, dried fruit, cinnamon sticks, ribbons, anything you fancy! Just wrap and secure with wire.

Voila! Simply attach a ribbon to the back and you're ready to pop it on your door! If not, put some candles in the middle and use as a beautiful table centrepiece.

I'm so chuffed with how this turned out and I think it makes the door look super fancy. Follow my Wreath pin board for more inspo to make your own.

What are you going to put on your wreath? Let me know in the comments.

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