Bullet Journal: Hello 2018

Well well well hello 2018 you exciting thing you! Once again, my first post of the year is coming at you in the form of a bullet journal flip through.

Now let me tell you, I've got a good feeling about this bujo this year... I fell out of all the habits last year, the structure just wasn't working for me and what I needed. It had it's time and place but we've moved on.

Keepin' it simple

I've really really toned down EVERYTHING this year. If you've followed my bullet journal journey since the beginning you'll see a noticeable decline in the 'extra'. Thing's started very colourful and illustrative, over time that's become more inconvenient bother than something I enjoy, so it's been weaned out. 

I tried doing this last year, simplifying it to only bits I use but there were still pages I just didn't touch (talk to me in 2019 when I'll probably be saying the same about this one, but anyway...) so here we are, my new minimalist bullet journal. 

Having tried the Leuchtturm last year, I decided to stick with it, this time in sunshine yellow, which makes me so happy. The dots worked so well for me last year too, they're the perfect hybrid of plain and lines that gives me the flexibility to do whatever I want with it. 

I think the problem was, it didn't really have a purpose. Was it for work? Was it for personal? This one, I'm planning use it for everything! I have it open on my desk every day, ready and waiting for appointments, to do's and tracking. 

I was finding that I wasn't using my weekly spreads in the best way before, as I didn't have enough to dedicate to a single day, my tasks tend to be a lot more fluid. So I made a little space for key things during the days of the week, but with a longer list of to do's to cover the entire week. This, I'm already finding, works so much better for me.

I've ditched habit tracking almost entirely, it used to be one of my favourite parts of previous journals but I just couldn't keep it up in the end. The only things I want to keep track of now is my mood and my periods. 

I'm feeling really happy with this so far... I feel like it's got everything I want and need and I'm so excited for this year.

Do you have a bullet journal? Are you more minimalist or more decorative? Let me know in the comments...

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