A year in pictures

It's almost exactly 1 year to the day that I handed my notice in on my job in London to make a move back to the west country.

And what a wild little year it's been. I can't quite get over where I was then (little bit about that here) to where I am now. Things have moved so super fast and I'm just chuffed that I managed to turn 2017 into one of my best years.

I started an epic new job, the marshmallows are from a BBQ my first week - yum!

That time we took a beautiful little trip to Petersham Nurseries 

When Printiki got in touch about a collaboration I thought it was the perfect opportunity to document my year in a little photobook! I wrote a post a while back about photographs and how I think it's so important to have something physical, I just can't treasure digital photos in the same way I do physical ones and in years and years to come when I'm digging through boxes, I know they'll bring me so much joy! Just like ones from my childhood do now.

I moved into the most perfect new flat, and had an epic house warming

So, I bought myself a tiny little square ring bound blank note pad from a local art store (similar here) as I wanted one picture per page. Something small I could keep on a little side table to fill with my 30 square medium print photos from Printiki. I opted for no border as I thought it would look more slick but they do polaroid and framed versions too if you fancy.

 Glastonbury was unreal! 

I went on some amazing trips, to Slovenia and Venice

I ordered the photos online and I was so impressed with how easy it was to select pictures. I selected some of my favourites directly from Instagram and Facebook, and others from my desktop files. I could crop or rotate the photos directly from the site too which was so handy, prevented any faffing around!

I went to lots of new places and met lots of amazing people!  

That time I went away with internet strangers in honour of Mel's birthday

Loads of lovely weekends away, including this little trip to Abergavenny

I topped it off with a fab Christmas and New Year! 

In years to come when we've moved on to new phones or laptops I just hate to think my memories will be lost (yes ok, there's things like iCloud but does anyone have any space left in there? Or know how to access them once they enter the abyss? If yes, real talk, hit me up with tips because I don't have a clue!). It's just lovely to be able to look back on the good times.

Bring your own memories to life with this code to get free delivery on all orders: 9NMS6625

I'd love to know what you do with your pictures, do they just sit on your phone or camera? Or do you print them and stick them in an album or get them in frames?

*The photos in this post were kindly gifted to me but all experiences and photo love is entirely my own*

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