The Handmade Fair comes to Bowood House!

Last year I went to the Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace for the first time and had the absolute best time.
If you've not heard of it, it's basically an exhibition/craft fair, shopping spree extravaganza of loads of unique lovely things plus workshops to try your hand at all sorts of stuff. Last year I did weaving, cupcake decorating, I made lip balm out of beeswax, and listened to Annie Sloan - the queen herself - talk about using colour in your home, after which I bought some pink paint to paint my bedroom furniture.

So needless to say when I heard that the Handmade Fair is coming to the west country this year, to Bowood House no less, I was dead excited; when I was invited to the press launch to try my hand at some crafts, I was even more excited.

The event was held at the Forge in Bristol, a very cool location. Gwennan, of Twenty Something Meltdown, and myself were treated to some prosecco and cake while we tried Indian block printing and silk painting.

We started off with the Indian block printing, testing out the different blocks on a piece of cotton until we decided on what do go for on our little napkins. My favourite little block was the lavender, although closely followed by a little flamingo which, in hindsight, I should have gone for. In the end I went for the lavender. Stamping and chatting away we finished up our little napkins. I can't emphasise enough how easy it was, it was basically like grown up potato stamps, I loved it! Worth looking up for sure.

Next, after another prosecco and another little cake, we had a go at silk painting. The silk was incredibly delicate so getting it into the embroidery hoop for tension was our first challenge, next was outlining our designs in wax. It was really tough cause we had no idea how it would end up in the end until we started with the ink. The inks were just like using watercolours, you simply paint your design onto the silk and the wax outline stops it from spreading, you then let it dry and voila!

It was the most fun and it's got me dead excited for June! If you're into crafts I cannot recommend it highly enough, even if you're not, most of the activities are so easy anyone can give them a go, and it's lovely just for the shopping! There's one in Warwickshire, the one at Hampton Court Palace, then of course the one coming to Bowood House in Wilshire, check them out!

Massive thanks to the Handmade Fair for having us, see you in June!

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