Kind human series #1: Eating habits

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that in February I trialled being Veggie for a month (I did a good job of choosing the shortest month, just in case I hated it), for many reasons and also no reason at all, but mostly it's the massive impact the meat industry has on the environment.

#Spoiler, I didn't hate it, actually I quite enjoyed it (except the bean burger at Byron Burger - that was poor). I enjoyed thinking of and trying alternatives, and I enjoyed perusing a menu for veggie options and trying new things over my usual defaults. So much so that I'm SORT OF sticking with it. I've decided to become pescatarian, mostly I now cook veggie meals but I'll have the odd fillet of mackerel or some smoked salmon, because it's too much for me to cut EVERYTHING out right now.

In my #veggieforfebbie (that's not catching on is it...) I didn't miss bacon, chicken or steaks at all, but I really did miss fish and prawns, and I don't feel I could give them up for good right now. So as long as it's all responsibly sourced and it's not too often, I think that's a big leap for me for the time being.

But I'm not being totally black and white about it, if I go to someones house and they've cooked meat I won't turn it away because that's wasteful, and I might eat the odd bit of haribo or jelly. But I won't cook it and I won't order it, because I feel conscious of how the meat industry has the biggest impact on the environment than any other food product and if I don't need it, I won't bother.

Don't get me wrong here, I am not saying you need to go vegetarian, pescatarian or any other kind of tarian - it just felt like a very easy transition for me. The cruelty to animals in industrial farming is an issue for me too, all the hormones, antibiotics and god knows what, but I have no problem with considerately or locally farmed produce. What I am saying, is by cutting back on the amount of meat we're eating we can make a MASSIVE difference. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, it's just about being conscious.

4 things we can all do:

1. Cut down our meat intake

Even if it's having just 1 vegetarian meal a week, a meatless Monday maybe, when you're used to meat every day that's still a massive step! Or how about keeping meat to weekends when you want a roast dinner or a burger. It's estimated that by cutting meat and cheese out for ONE DAY is the equivalent of taking your car off the road for 5 weeks! So see that add up over 5 days, a month... it's unbelievable. Even opting for chicken over beef can have an enormous impact... but have you tried the Quorn nuggets? You'll never go back to chicken!

2. Cut out plastic!

It's bloody everywhere isn't it, and we've all seen those heartbreaking pictures of seabirds and plastic floating in oceans, we're still not doing enough about it! When it's completely necessary to use plastic, we need to make sure we can recycle it, and make sure we do then recycle it! It infuriates me when you see unnecessary packaging but sometimes it can't be avoided, just get loose veggies when you can or pop to the greengrocer - supporting small businesses is a double win! Take your lovely cloth tote bag along with you!

3. Shop local

If you are going to buy meat, eat it less then treat yourself to a nice butcher steak from the farm down the road on the weekend with all the money you saved during the week. I know the supermarket is so convenient because it's everything under one roof but how about making an event of it, pop to a little village and nip into the butchers, bakers, the greengrocer. Eating stuff from down the road is the best way to cut down your impact and it's often fresher and tastier too!

4. Eat it all up!

Food waste is another massive problem so first of all, don't over-buy! I appreciate a bag of carrots is cheaper than individual but if you're not using it up you're not saving money, you're wasting it! Plus you save on the plastic. Try using veg up all in one go and turn it into different meals, let's say bolognese one day, pasta bake the next and freeze the rest. Freeze your fruit that's on the turn ready for when you fancy a smoothie. Shopping little and often, picking up the additions you need to make a meal when you need, rather over buying. You might even find that you save money! Planning ahead helps too, if you know you can use up your ingredients across several things - perfecto. 

These are all the smallest little changes that you probably won't even notice! But will make a huge difference to our environment!

This is my first post in a planned kind human series where I want to offer tiny little life changes that will make us all much kinder humans in many ways. Let me know below if you'd be interested in any particular topics! 

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